Final fantasy xiv

Where to find Lady Lucia in Tower of Fantasy

There are many entertainments in the open world of Tower of Fantasy. You can explore various regions, collect resources and much more. But those who are looking for a call will want to fight the bosses. This includes Lady Lucia, the world boss of the region Crown. This may make you think about where to find Lady Lucia in the fantasy tower.

Lady Lucia Location in the Southern Gulf of Navia in the fantasy tower

To find the position of Lady Lucia in the fantasy tower, you first need to unlock crown of the region on the main plot or yourself. As soon as you unlock this, you can go to the base of Lady Lucia, Garden Rose . We recommend preparing like Lady Lucia 40 level . You can try to cope with this world boss alone, but it will be much easier to win it with other players.

where to find a pink garden in Tower of Fantasy

The pink garden is located on the street. South End of something crown . As soon as you approach this area, you cannot miss it, since Lady Lucia arranged her base in ruins. It will be surrounded by minions, so be prepared for battle as soon as you enter the pink garden.


We recommend together your friends or a team before fighting this boss. In addition, you can communicate in the chat to collect several players together on one channel.

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