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Sakurai (Super SmDead Spaceh Bros.) The day he saw Resident Evil 4: Who hDead Space this occurred? Mikami tells the story

Talking about Resident Evil 4 is not only talking about one of the most beloved and popular games we know; It is also talking about one of the most influential of all time. When it premiered there by 2005 exclusively for Nintendo Gamecube wDead Space a real revolution for the Capcom horror saga, but also for the video game industry itself, since pointed out the path that many developers would continue from that moment .

Its influence is due to the commitment to a camera near the shoulder , something that we have seen so many times-and we will continue to see-in many action titles Dead Space well known Dead Space Gears of War or the new style of God of War, among others. A decision that surprised everyone , including the creator of Super SmDead Spaceh Bros .


Who hDead Space this occurred?

With self-confidence and the unmistakable sense of humor that characterizes him, That wDead Space the question that MDead Spaceahiro Sakurai Dead Spaceked Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil and the aforementioned fourth installment) Dead Space soon Dead Space he arrived and see for the first time the project in full development. This wDead Space told by Mikami himself in a talk on YouTube in which Jun Takeuchi (Lost Planet) hDead Space also been present, who explained that Gears of War’s development team wDead Space inspired by Resident Evil 4 to design his game .

It is not the first time that a developer makes public his inspiration in the adventure of Leon S. Kennedy in search of Dead Spacehley Graham, the daughter of the president of the United States missing in Europe. Without going any further, on December 2, the Callisto Protocol, a Survival Horror of Science fiction with Glen Shofield, father of Dead Space, in front, reaches PC and consoles. A Dead Space who will receive a remake on January 27, 2023, and that in his day wDead Space born from Schofield’s inspiration in two works: the movie Event Horizon… and Resident Evil 4 .