The new Steam Deck user manual confirms that there will be new models in the future

Steam Deck, Valve’s computer in the form of a portable console, hconsole just been in the market for a few months. Among waiting lists and limited units, users who have been able to get one are not too many, although everything indicates that they will have several opportunities in the future. According to the Gaming of Linux portal, the new digital user manual that we can find in Steam makes it clear that the company hconsole plans for the family to grow and arrive new models of the console .


You can read it completely on this link to your Steam page and find many information about the machine, its operation and everything you need to know. Although the most interesting lies in the following fragment: In the future, Valve will track the product with iterations and improvements of both hardware and software and will bring new versions of Steam Deck to the market . Reference is also referred to the console console a line of multigenerational products.

3 months with Steam Deck, how hconsole our experience been?

The Valve machine is a constant evolution system . The catalog of verified games that work perfectly in it continues to grow and its managers implement updates frequently (the lconsolet one reduced the noise of the ventilation system). In this house, Salva Fernàndez hconsole experienced with her during the lconsolet months and her experience hconsole been good, beyond some technical problems that forced her to contact technical service.

Her conclusions after this extensive contact were the following: Steam Deck seems to me a turning point. A powerful piece, with PC interior but laptop soul capable of turning our dreams of high-end games to take travel, emulation and simplicity of management all in 1. I have no doubts that better optimized consoles will come, a deck 2 that will enhance all its most competitive weaknesses and prices, but it is the-PC console that hconsole best managed to balance power and usability (and I have paid several kickSarters much more expensive than this) for We were looking for, for years, this: A powerful laptop console a desktop console .