The latest Apde distributed to the open world hunting game Way of the Hunter Steam version. Dopy the point of the issues, implementation of FOV slider etc.

On August 26, the developer Nine Rocks Games distributed the update 1.16 for the PC (Steam) version of the open world hunting game Way of the Hunter . There is a response to problems pointed out by the player. The update for PS5/Xbox Series X | S version is currently being prepared.

Way of the Hunter is an open world hunting game set in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean and Transylvania. Each location is built as a vast open world of 144 square km, and players can enjoy a real hunting experience in the wilderness. Various wildlife inhabit the map, hunt while following the traces. In addition, equipment such as guns licensed by real manufacturers are available. The gun incorporates a physical simulation and draws a realistic trajectory.

This work was released on August 17 this year, and the Steam version of the STEAM version of the maximum simultaneous connection player approached 10,000 people. The players also highly appreciated hunting experiences, story elements, etc. pursuing beautiful visuals and realism. On the other hand, there are some complaints about problems in some gameplay, and the overall evaluation is that it is sluggish (related article).

One of the points pointed out in user reviews is difficult to find traces for tracking animals. It is said that this is increasingly difficult. In this update, the problem of partially disappearing blood stains (animals) was revised. Probably a response to the above-mentioned indications. However, this problem is still being revised, so it is likely to improve in the future.

In addition, the hunter sense that displays various detailed information that is useful for hunting is implemented to reduce the blur. Adjustments were made, such as lowering the volume of lakes and wind sounds, and trying to prevent the age of the animal from getting asleep. In the play in the difficulty level, the difficulty level was further reduced, such as adding blood stains to make it easier to track and reducing animal reaction speeds.

In addition, a key binding function and a FOV slider have been added. This is also a feature requested by the player. It also coordinates the amount of meat sold, modifies characters and weather in multi-player mode, improving important organs for Barrett cameras, improving and optimizing save files. Check the patch notebook for details.

As a new problem that occurred after this update, the phenomenon has been confirmed, such as the incorrect indication of Young, the frame rate is reduced in the forest, and the purchased items have disappeared. That said. The developer commented that the setting should be adjusted to reduce the display of the tree leaves for the decrease in the frame rate in the forest. Regarding the loss of items, it should be displayed by restarting the game.

Way of the Hunter is being distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store /gog.com )/ps5/xbox Series X | S. In addition, a package version for PS5 will be released on September 8.