Destiny 2

How to get an exotic castard catalyst in Destiny 2

Ah, thunderer. For the first time presented in the 4th season as part of the secret of the murder, the guards had to challenge the then closed walls of the cosmodrome in order to return this exotic power weapon. For many years, he wore his weight until, finally, the catalyst received in the 18th season. Guardians everywhere in Destiny 2 should add it to their collection. Here’s how to find it.


where to find a catalyst of the crap in Destiny 2

You can find a very welcome exotic catalyst of smoking in three places: completion of strikes, males matches, as well as gambling matches . No meter requires the presence of a catalyst, so do not rush to farm. Since their loss speed is not terrible, this will happen over a few hours of ordinary game. After receiving the guards, they must commit 500 killings with a smoking man to complete the catalyst.

Thunderlord catalyst adds reverse shock to exotic weapons. This perk allows Thunderlord partially recharge the store from reserves with each lightning strike. This works great with the perk Reign Havoc perk that has the final blows generating stunning lightning blows. In a room, full goals, a thunderer will bring down horror at you.

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