How to get a facial marker at Roblox Find the Marcers

Although finding markers may seem just another experience in the style of hunting for garbage, in fact it offers a rather complex map with more than a few complex secrets that need to be found. With these The Secret of Foliage Update Find the Markers added nine more markers to find players, including the one that we will consider in this brief leadership, facial marker .

Search for a facial marker in Find the Markers

The mischievous mimic marker is hidden in the secret garden of Washable Kingdom. To get into the Washable Kingdom, you need to find and teleport through magic watches in the photo below. These watches have secret staircase hidden behind him, which will allow you to rise to the first level, followed by another secret staircase in front, leading to a real dial. As soon as you reach the top of the second staircase, you automatically teleport in the Washing kingdom .

Once inside the Washable Kingdom, your mission is to find and activate the seven spheres. Having activated all seven spheres in the correct order, you will open a secret door leading to the marker of sunlight. If you are not sure of the necessary order, follow the following actions. Or, if your door is already open, do not hesitate to skip the next few steps.

Unlocking a secret door

  • Find and go to the rear left pond located next to the witch tower.

  • Jump on the left jug and fall on the hidden platform under water. Activate the sphere on this platform by clicking e .

  • As soon as this area is activated, jump from the platform to return to the Renaissance. Then go right from the witch tower and to the sphere depicted below. Activate this sphere by pressing e .

  • Find the next sphere, turning right and heading to the market square. Once on the market, find the seller’s yellow marker-the ball can be found directly opposite his store. Press e to activate this area.

  • The fourth sphere can be found in the blue area of the map to the left of the market-most likely, you can see it from the point where the third area is located. Finding it, click e to activate it.

  • To activate the next sphere, you need to enter the castle, which is located between the blue area and the area of the swamp. Once inside the castle, go to the rear left tower and climb to its top. Here you will find the fifth sphere that you can activate by pressing e .

  • To find the sixth sphere, jump from this tower and go to the grief of the dragon. At the foot of this mountain is the sixth sphere-activate it by pressing e .

  • Now that all other spheres are activated, it’s time to find the last sphere. To do this, climb the mountain of the dragon along the stone ramps and enter the cave upstairs.

  • Inside this cave there is a small cliff that falls on the platform below-jump on this platform to find and activate the last ball.

Entrance to the secret door

Now that you have found and activated all seven spheres, the secret door inside the dragon marker’s nest should be open and accessible to you.

Enter this door to teleport to the secret garden of the cave!

To find a mimic marker, go ahead in the main part of the garden and stand in a certain place shown below.

From here, rise to the rocks in front of you and go to the hidden entrance to the left of you.

Go through this entrance and enter the room full of chests with treasures. To get to the facial marker, open the rear right chest and jump inside it.

After jumping into this chest, your roboboxan will land in a dark room. In this room you are waiting for Mimic Marker!

To add this marker to your MarkerDex, just go up to it and tape it. After that, you should get an icon and a pop-up window depicted below!

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