Lol: Team Aze expires Rainbow 7 on a fifth map during the Playoffs of the LLA

The games that define the second finalist of the LLA began today with a dream confrontation where we saw the team of Team Aze facing Rainbow 7 in a series to the best of five where only one can advance tomorrow’s confrontation to decide who You can reach the grand finale where the pharaohs squad already awaits you to define the champion.

The first game would have an interesting duel in the jungle with a VI in the hands of Dimitry that would have a great prominence to give an advantage to his teammates that would gradually give an important gold difference with which they managed to have objects quickly to drop the rivals and get the first victory of the series that gave them a good motivation.

For the second game we would see how Oddie would have in his possession an Viago that would have a lot With great concentration R7 dominates the crack to be able to tie the series leaving the things new couples.

In the third map both teams sought to have the stage in their favor but it would be 5kid that best manages the waves and with a correct protection of their classmates managed to hit the team fights to wear the life of the rivals, the The Aces team would put their best cards on the table to put the gray screen of the opposites and take the game in their favor.

The fourth game prioritizes the lower lane taking as the first selection the Zeri for CEO accompanied by a yummi in the hands of Ignavilu1 that would make a phenomenal pair in a game that would have enough pressure but playing more intelligently the boys of the rainbow They dominate the fighting fights to send with force the message that they wanted a fifth map managing to tie the series.

With the things couples both teams decide Protecting 5kid the team of the beams managed to have things in their favor to end the match in their favor getting the pass to the morning series.

The archery’s dream ends after fighting several intense games against the Aces team, making it clear that the shooter of the current lla champion is still very dangerous if they let him climb, now they will have to rest to fight against the Sharks to decide the second finalist that will face Estral in the grand final of the Clausura Tournament to determine which team will go to Worlds.