Final fantasy xiv

Valorant: Fire Power stands as the best northern team in Game Changers

The Northern Final has two squads who have been demonstrating all their potential along the tournament with great strength and dedication Fire Power girls manage Demonstrate its power in this last contest that will define the champion team of the northern region.

In the first map we see an Icebox that began quite even for both squads taking a wax for buffala that gave a lot of information for the Krakens squad that managed to put the 6-6, in the change of sides The cavalry team managed to make a small difference thanks to MMONCH that would have fine bullet as well as Val to close the contest in their favor.

For the second scenario we went to Ascent where the girls of the SK would put things in their favor thanks Rage that would have great aggressiveness in the meeting managing to punish the rival defense to be able to place a 7-5, in The second part we see the FP reaction to start winning several rounds to send to the Overtime where Val would put the powerful things to put the second point in his favor.

Arriving at the third contest we see a fracture that the Fire Power team began with great force on the defensive side thanks to Ivy that would put the key casualties in the rounds to get the domain of the I find a 11-1 on the scoreboard that complicated the Krakens, seeking to turn the girls of SC around the pressure, they seek to remove the pressure but it would not be enough because the cavalry would put the end of the meeting with a 13-5.


With great force the girls of Fire Power manage to consolidate as champions in the north of the American continent, after demonstrating their strength they are now ready to face the best agents in the world, there is still a path before the Women’s World Cup but we see The cavalry ready to demonstrate all its power before the rivals that can be put in front of it.