Hankonjin recruits the 3rd suppliers Game of Games Support Project

[Creative Content Moon Young-soo Reporter] The Korea Creative Content Agency (Director Cho Hyun-rae) is a ‘GSP PLUS’ ‘3rd Service of GSP PLUS, which is pursuing domestic game companies’ overseas market development and exports of K-game exports. We will recruit additional suppliers by August 21st.

The game’s support project focused on the overseas market of K-game developed by domestic developers. It aims to provide support measures in various fields when entering overseas and provide directly necessary services and infrastructure.

Partners refer to services providing services that will help domestic game developers to expand overseas, and provide help in professional areas that companies need and expand global exports to consulting, marketing, game services, dubbing, translation, and infrastructure. You will find it in common.

A partner who wishes to participate can access the Gamea Global Game Service Platform and refer to the ‘Game of Games’ Business Guide’ in the menu category at the top.

The recruitment fields that will be held until August 21st are ▲ consulting (game performance, law, VR/AR technology, global advancement competency diagnosis and analysis report, educational support, professional manpower matching (headhunting), local company matching and sales support) ▲ Infrastructure (Game Payment and Billing, Game Server Construction and Technology, Client Technology and Security, Solution Purchase, Game Data Analysis Tool, Big Data AI) ▲ Global Marketing (Media and Advertising Agency) CS, monitoring), test support (QA), game video and homepage production, and game dubbing (foreign language).

Naver Cloud is responsible for the operation of the game, planning, building, and quality management of the game. Naver Cloud signed a business agreement with the Korea Creative Content Agency in the third quarter of last year with the goal of strengthening global competitiveness and growth.

The Korea Creative Content Agency and Naver Cloud will be conducted as partners after signing the agreement on August 31.

Last year, a total of 73 companies and 166 services were operated, and this year, new support companies should go through the online application and reception procedure after joining the Gamea Homepage website. In the case of partners who are applying or working, after the registration of the service support items after the ‘login of the partner’, the required documents will be completed.

The Korea Creative Content Agency said, Thank you very much for the positive response and interest of many companies in this support project. We are expected to play the role of a lighthouse to inform the direction. We hope to support our suppliers who provide services in the field of marketing, infrastructure, consulting, and game services on the global stage.