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High -rated road trip ADV ROAD 96 Fascinated many players and the first anniversary! 50%OFF until August 22 at Steam

RavenSCOURT and Diveropper DigixArt have announced that the road trip adventure Road 96 has celebrated its first anniversary.

Development members are working on Variant Heart The Great War and 11-11 (Eleven Eleven) Memories Retold depicting World War I, including this work. It is also highly evaluated. Celebrating the first anniversary, thanks to the players who participated in this joy, love and laughter, which won five awards in Pégases 2022.

In addition, the number of views related to this work has exceeded 61 million, and streams have been watched for more than 6 million hours. In addition, more than 8,000 Steam reviews and highly evaluated reviews are 91%of the total, gaining about 60,000 followers on all platforms.

This work is a road trip adventure that travels with a border to escape from the authoritarian state Petria. Players meet people living in the country, sometimes help each other, sometimes conflict, and go to borders by various means of transportation, such as hitchhikes and walking. One of the features of this work is that the situation at the start of the start is different from the play, and the player’s choice branches out the story, and different stories are spun for each play. The GAME*Spark editorial department also has a play repo.

ROAD 96 is on sale on PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox Seriesx | S/Xbox One. STEAM is 1,098 yen, 50%OFF until August 22nd.