Clash of Clans has experienced its very first development from one year to the following since 2015, generating $ 727 million in 2019

The Title Gold Pass of the Freemium mobile method title was introduced in April 2019. This brand-new feature cost $ 4.99 and also has actually dramatically contributed to the development of gamers. The Gold Pass, which resembles the Fight Pass of various other Games, stood for approximately $ 66.6 million globally throughout the initial month of its release.

The $ 722 million in gamers’ spending in the past year are not fairly a go back toclash of clans’Golden duration between 2014-2015. Nonetheless, it still represented 42% of the overall turn over of Supercell in 2019.

Since the performance was launched,clash of clans$ 597 million from April to December. This is a development of 32% in yearly change compared to the $ 453 million produced during the very same nine-month duration in 2018. Furthermore, the 2019 mobile turnover has actually experienced development 27% compared to the $ 572 million generated 2018.


_ Clash of clansintroduced on the Application Shop in 2012, with a later entry on the Google Play Store in 2013. With a rapidly growing gamer base, it has actually come to be one of the greatest successes of Supercell, with income from $ 1.6 billion in 2014.

_ Clash of clansbrought in $ 727 million in 2019, which represented its initial growth over twelve months (annual shift) for gamers because 2015, according to the Mobile Data Analysis Sensor Tower. These earnings also positioned the Finnish developer Supercell amongst the five most lucrative mobile video game publishers in the world in 2019.