Assistant in the morgue – which body to burn?

Balmage of bodies, burning of corpses and the expulsion of demons: all this is everyday work when you play Mortuary Assistant. But which body is to burn with the body, if you are incorrectly choice, you can kill yourself? Read on to find out how to determine the signs of a corpse that does not rest with the world.

How to choose the right body in The Mortuary Assistant

To choose an obsessed corpse, follow the strange events that occur when examining each of the bodies. This goes beyond the meeting with demons or observing hanged ghosts, as this will happen between the bodies, no matter what (just a change of things in the cemetery).

Looking at the corpse, sit at such an angle so that you can see the whole body at once. Then follow each step in the embalming process. If the corpse is obsessed, you should see twitching. If you think that you noticed twitching, remember what kind of corpse it was, and continue to inspect the rest of the bodies.

After you finish inspecting each corpse, pull out the twitching body again. Take a closer look at their skin, especially around the back. If they have new injuries that appeared after the embalming process, this body needs to be burned.

If you want to be three times sure that you burn the right person, go forstorage in the refrigerator and take a bag for cremation . Use it under the garbage engine to collect a little ash . Sprinkle with ash body that you consider obsessed. Use matches To light ashes and look at the displayed symbol. Use notebook * in your inventory to double-check the seal. If the printing on the stomach coincides with the seal in your notebook, you have the right corpse.

Still can’t choose the right body? Search Identification of the demonic presence on a computer to guide the game to determine the signs of ownership.

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