How to build a pond in The Sims 4

Want to improve your construction game in The Sims 4? Then try your strength in creating a pond! Although it seems a little frightening, it is actually a matter of digging a pit in the ground. Then you fill it with water, decorate it, and everything is ready.

How to make a pond in The Sims 4

Building a pond in The Sims 4 is really very simple. All you need to do is go to the site on which you want to build a pond, go to construction/purchase mode and perform the following actions:

Use relief tool (shovel icon) lower the Earth to the desired shape and depth of your pond.
Use water pouring tool (water drop icon) in fill the area with water to perfect depth. Use Water depth map option, if it is difficult for you to tell how full it is. This works like a heat card, but taking into account the depth of water.
* Now your pond is technically ready! If you want to add animals, plants or decor items, use external water decor tool.

how to decorate a pond in The Sims 4

Click on magazine icon next to Terrain tools. Here you will see all jewelry for ponds and pools. Use everything you want your pond to look really great! Here are some tips on decorating the pond:

If you want a more natural look, consider the possibility of using a cheat code Move Objects to move objects closer to each other .
Bottom duck icon where you can put living creatures in the pond . In construction/purchase mode, they are displayed as fillers for cards. To see how they look animated, return to real time.
Use the upper icon C Three drops of water K Change the appearance of water *. This is especially useful if you want a swamp.


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