Everyone decides the perfect sensation for me! ? How to find the perfect sensitivity that beginner FPS gamers should try

When playing an FPS game, everyone is worried once with sensitivity . Even if you think once you feel right, you will feel that it doesn’t fit after a while.

Therefore, this time, in the Valorant competition scene, Sentinels Tenz Tenz Sensitivity Adjustment method which players are proposed I will introduce .

Why do you get lost in sensitivity

Basically, sensation is divided into three types: High Middle Low , but each person has different tastes and appropriate. In many cases, people who have played in high senses have dropped sensitivity to the middle and low and reached the ideal aim. The opposite is true.

However, the important thing is the criterion for choosing a suitable sensitivity. Even if you are an advanced person, you may not know whether the right or left is still in the first place, so you may not be able to determine if the sensation is right in the first place.

Tenz type sensitivity adjustment method is useful when breaking such a situation. This time, I will explain Valorant as an example.

1, determine the sensitivity of the standard

First, start by finding the standard value used for sensitivity adjustment. First, the average of the professional average EDPI (multiplied by the mouse DPI and the sensitivity setting in the game) value 280 is divided by the dpi ** of the mouse that I use. prize.

For example, in the case of 800dpi , it is 280EDPI ÷ 800dpi , so it is 0.35 . Next, prepare a number with double and the number that 0.5 times should be replaced with High Middle Low in order of high order. In this case, 0.7 is high sensation, 0.35 is middle sensation, and 0.175 is low sensation.


2, Try two sensitivity

From there, let’s actually try the number of Hisenshi and Lawsens in the game. The point here is whether TENZ can operate comfortably overall. With VALORANT, it is recommended to play BOT shooting in the shooting area.

3, Create a new reference value

In the next step, a new reference value is created by deleting the one that did not match the most from the two sensitivity, adding the remaining numbers and dividing by 2. In the pattern of 0.175 , 0.525 is a middle sensus. And 0.35 is low sensation, and 0.7 is high sensation.

After that, just repeat (2) and (3) . Then you will gradually find a sensation that fits your senses. It takes a little time, but if you try more numbers, the accuracy will increase, so let’s take a closer look at the shooting area.

By the way, if you use a web tool called PSA PERFECT Sensitivity , it will be recommended because it will determine the numbers without calculating yourself. Although there is a difference in the calculation method, it proposes the perfect sensitivity without any problems.

In addition, this time, Valorant is listed as an example, but it is also applied in games such as Apex Legends , so please try it!