All the skins of weapons in the combat pass of Apex Legends Season 14

Together with the update of the APEX Legends Season 14, a new combat pass on the topic of survival appeared, which presents skins for weapons of various rarities. Free players will open several skins for weapons, and players who have bought a military pass will receive all the cosmetics for weapons. The premium combat pass is 950 coins of the vertex and you can unlock 25 skins of weapons Performing tasks. Here are all the skins of the weapons that players can unlock in the combat missing Apex Legends Season 14.


All free skins for weapons in the combat missing Apex Legends Season 14

Features of the combat pass of the 14th season of the APEX Legends 11 Skins of weapons as free awards , and you can unlock them by completing tasks. All free skins of weapons belong to a rare option, and players do not need to buy a military pass to get them. The following weapons skins can be unlocked at certain levels:

balance P2020 (rare) *-Level 10
on my Mark G7 Scout (rare) -level 15
Jade tiger Flatline (Rare) -Level 20
Schemotechnics RE-45 (rare) *-level 25
Ants of mosambic scales (rare) -Level 29
Bush Waker Eva-8 (Rare) -Level 32
Printing of guards (rarely) *-Level 37
Explorer’s Touch Car SMG (Rare) -Level 41
A short-sighted peacemaker (rare) -Level 55
Get rid of the riot of weakness (rarely) *-Level 63
Knockuting shells Spitfire (rare) *-Level 73

All premium skins for weapons in Apex Legends Season 14

The premium hassles include one of the best skins for weapons from combat passage of the 14th season in APEX Legends. Triple Take reactive skins will be rewarded in levels 100 as well as 110 . The next list contains all 14 premium award skins of weapons in the combat pass of Apex Legends Season 14:

Lucky Draw Wingman (legendary) *-1st level
The erect animal R-99 (rare) -Level 8
Handing trash man Hemlock (Rare) -Level 26
Long onions of concealment of fire (rare) *-Level 34
The promise of Savannah of devotion (rare) -level 40
Desert RatTler Volt SMG (Rare) -Level 56
Zigzag-Mastiff (rare) *-Level 67
R-301 buckle (rare) -level 71
Snake generator (rare) -Level 82
striped striker predator (rare) *-level 83
spotted generator (epic) -Level 88
Touch of the elephant: chaos (rare) -level 96
Triple Take Hunter for luck (legendary) *-level 100
Trophy Taker Triple Take (legendary) *-Level 110

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