Important My Hero Academy character would have died

As the months go by, My Hero Academia In its written part, it becomes more interesting to the most recent arch, since all the heroes are at the cusp against the villains. And in one of the most recent chapters, one of the most important characters that are from the beginning, would have finished their learning arch.

In the current confrontation between Bakugo and Shigaraki , these characters have managed to demonstrate that their powers reached unimaginable levels, but one of them has not gone well stopped from the fight. The inseparable friend of Deku would have been killed by the villain, since he left him lying against the ground with a hole in what is apparently his heart.

Episode 362 of the work shows us to Bakugo joining the fight for the last time. The last time, he was contemplating his movement against the villain while attending his mass injury. He seemed to have an apparent victory behind Shiragaki, but to the villain he knew how to turn his strategy, leaving him sleepy and possibly waiting for his final.

In news related to my hero academy . A new trailer focused on the sixth season of anime, episodes that will be released near the end of the year was recently revealed. If you want to take a look at the full note, we invite you to click on the direct link.

For now, fans are somewhat confused with what happened to such an important character.