Game companies are also interested in eco -friendly social contribution… Donation culture spread

[Smile Park Ye-jin reporter] Domestic game companies are making social contributions that combine ‘eco-friendly’. It is attracting attention by showing novel methods by using an in-house building to promote the participatory donation culture or to participate in volunteer activities with the name of the game intellectual property (IP).

According to the game industry on the 7th, Smilegate Hope Studio (Chairman Kwon Hyuk-bin, Hope Studio) held a campaign to donate crops harvested at Smile Farm, which created an idle space in the Smilegate office.

More than 40 campaigners, called GIVE FARMER, grown eco-friendly organic crops such as lettuce, tomatoes, and corn at Smile Farm and donated them to 2 Smile House Seongnam and Anseong on July 15. Hope Studio will deliver second harvests of the month next month, and more than 3.36 million won was raised from the donations of employees who sympathized with this purpose.

In Smile Farm, eco-friendly organic crops such as lettuce, tomatoes, and corn are growing in a total of 21 gardens. Smile House, operated by Hope Studio, is a facility that integrates children in blind spots, and employees have delivered various groceries to smile houses such as meat, ssamjang and seasonal fruits.

Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Joo-hwan Lee) sponsored the planting activities in Yeouido Kang Ecological Park for about a month from June 22 to July 11. Employees practiced ‘low-carbon life missions’, such as reducing garbage, using tumblers, and discharging by material, and the company planted wood through the’ Good Change ‘of the International Relief NGO Group after the end of the employees’ participation period. Supported.

Last year, the company sponsored the World Natural Fund (WWF) and supported the protection of endangered marine animals.

Neople (CEO Roh Jung-hwan), headquartered in Jeju Island as a subsidiary of Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon), plans to support more than 1.8 million eco-friendly biodegradation envelopes to 360 Jeju Alumni Market by October. The eco-friendly biodegradation bag, certified by the Ministry of Environment, is 100% natural when discarded. The envelope is engraved with Neople’s Dungeon & Fighter and Dungeon & Fighter Mobile and Cyphers.

This project is a business agreement with the Jeju Alumni Traditional Market Merchants Association with the intention of reducing the use of disposable plastic bags in Jeju Island. Neople has previously supported 150 CU stores in Jeju Island and an eco-friendly paper bag in Jeju Star Rent-a-car. There was also an agreement.

In April, Nexon’s online game ‘Mabinogi’ development team supports farming and essential consumables such as seedlings, medium, nutrients, eco-friendly crops, and modifications to high-tech smart farms that help young people with developmental disabilities along with the Purme Foundation under the online game ‘Mabinogi’ development team. We conducted a social contribution project. Nexon is planning a program that crosses online and offline, including support for agricultural products using Mabinogi IP, on-site volunteering for development teams, and user participation events.

Such eco-friendly projects are not only part of the ESG business that have emerged as an essential task for corporate management, but also contribute to improving not only internal employees but also users’ awareness through the spread of participation-type donation culture through game use.

For example, Com2us has been raising funds by holding events to announce the importance of environmental protection in the game through game IP. In the past, in 2019, we donated 10 million won as a donation of Mangrove Forest through a joint mission event where users participated in the 5th anniversary of the 5th Anniversary of the Summers War: Arena. In the same year, the 7th Anniversary Goods of Tiny Farm was sold to the employees of the company, which supported polar bear preservation activities and related research.

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) also celebrated Earth Day last year for the launch of the ‘Second Country’ to the Snow App in the Snow App, as the number of posts filmed as a ‘second country’ filter to an international environmental group for an international environmental organization The donation ‘Eco Smile’ donation event has been held to launch marketing.


An official from the industry said, The increase in game use time will have a growing impact on the environment in the future. It was emphasized.