It is reported that HBO Max would have mass dismissals

The problems are beginning to be constant for HBO Max and therefore Warner Bros., as well as Discovery , since the cancellation of millionaire projects such as Batgirl , and also the archive of original series. This has been added that they would have mass layoffs in the company, something that is not favorable in these uncertain times.

HBO MAX It is a platform that encompasses many popular franchises, but even with this, it seems that the profits are not enough to keep the company of millions of dollars afloat. Now we are talking about making a fusion with Discovery+, all in order to spend less on two platforms and use a lot of the repertoire already generated.

Given this, they want to bet on large film productions, leaving aside exclusively created movies to reach the purple streaming service. Therefore, many projects are in danger of being filed, one of them was already mentioned in rumors, Batgirl , a movie that was in postproduction and may no longer be released.

To this is added that 70% of its current staff would be cut, a massive movement by the CEO David Zaslav , this will probably leave a very bitter taste in the entertainment industry. For now they have not gone to give their final statements, but it is possible that within a few weeks there is clear information about such decisions and what will happen to the dismissed personnel.

Vía: Murphy’s Multivarse