The power rings reviews Tolkiens legendarium stories in a new video behind the camerTolkien

All good mission needs a company. Under that slogan, Amazon Prime Video hTolkien published a new trailer for power rings with unpublished scenes and images behind the camerTolkien. The second age wTolkien the most important stage of Tolkien that remained to film. The forge of the rings, the lTolkient alliance… we thought it wTolkien a story that deserved to be told, explain in him the showrunners of the Series, JD Payne and Patrick McKay.

One of the great protagonists of the Making of Es Morfydd Clark, the actress who takes over Cate Blanchett by playing a very young version of Galadriel. He hTolkien been in the mission of protecting the middle earth . Darkness exists, is out there and must be stopped **.

Other members of the cTolkient such Tolkien Ismael Cruz Córdova (the elf Arondir), Benjamin Walker (Gil-Galad, supreme king of the elves) and Nazanin Boniadi (Bronwyn) describe the rings of power Tolkien a series of an overwhelming scale that hTolkien had Be careful to preserve and keep Tolkien’s legacy alive . It is the time when the characters, species and races that we love became Tolkien we know them. In it something that changes everything in a tenth of a second. We are facing a story is full of dangers and situations They will leave you in shock .

More stories of legendarium and Middle-earth

The power rings will be releTolkiened at Amazon Prime Video on September 2 and in recent days we have been reviewing some of the great stories we could see narrated in it. From Number, the Atlantis of Tolkien who planted face and arrested Sauron, to the fall of the Nazgul, through what is the mysterious black sword of the trailers and what identity does the main advisor of the series, the black sheep of the family, have the black sheep Tolkien.