Ghost Ricon Front Line announced last year has been discontinued. Is it cost reduction for another large title development?

Ubee Isoft has announced to investors that the development of the Ghost Recon FrontLine and Splinter Cell VR and unpublished two titles will be canceled. VGC etc. reported.

Ghost Ricon Front Line is the title announced last October. It was developed as a large-scale PVP shooter for basic free play, set in the world view of the series. The player participated as a mercenary in response to the match with more than 100 players. High strategy was appealed by the team’s collaboration, the dynamically generated goals in the vast map, and the escape sequence requesting helicopter.

On the other hand, Splinter Cell VR was a title announced in September 2020. It was scheduled to be a completely new Sprinter Cell built for VR. However, the development status has not been revealed since the announcement. In addition, it seems that the VR work of Assassin’s Creed, which was announced, has not been announced.

At the time of this cancellation announcement, FREDERICK DUGUET, CFO of Ubey Soft, told investors that it was a cost reduction measure to do not have an economic outlook and focus on the largest development project. 。 The Ghost Ricon Front Line was developed by Ubisoft Bucharest, and Red Storm Entertainment was developed under the support of Reflections.

The Ghost Ricon Front Line is also a title that caused the pros and cons of the series fans after the announcement. The Ghost Ricon series that was mainly used in PVE. The closed test, which was scheduled to be announced as a complete PVP title, is postponed. After that, there was no new test for the test. And eventually it was discontinued. It is unknown why development was canceled in the end, but the development resources of the four works, including the work and the Splinter Cell VR, were poured into other games.


Other announcements for investors also mentioned Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, which had been postponed from 2023 to 2024 in the first quarter business report. They are aiming for the perfect quality so that the movie Avatar becomes a brand in the game. In addition, multiple titles, including the Prince of Persian Sand Remake, which have been changed in the development studio, has been changed, such as postponement (related article). Under such circumstances, the development plan for Ubie Soft is likely to be being reviewed.