This is how Sabrinas cast is seen after 26 years

In the 90’s, or to be more concrete, 1996 , Nickelodeon , You fear the dark, Pete & Pete , among others. But without a doubt, one of the greatest successes that appeared on the channel, was neither more nor less than Sabrina: the teenage witch **.

Many have wanted a restart since then, but apparently it is not so profitable. And now, the memory of the great characters seems to continue echoing, so we bring you how the most important look. This after 26 years of its premiere.

The first actress is Jenna Leigh Green. She gave Libby Chesslerr life, who at the time tried phenomenon to the protagonist of the story. She although she still got into trouble with her magic.

The next actress is Lindsay Sloane, who gave Valery Birkhead life. This character was the best friend of the protagonist, until for script reasons she retired from the cast.

China Savers was the one who lent her image to Draama. This girl was the student of the teenage witch, this after the protagonist graduated as an official sorceress.

It is also Alimi Ballard, he played the nice Albert. He had the function of reviewing Sabrina’s exams so that she could take her witch license.

Entering the heavyweight weights of protagonists we have Caroline Rhea, who plays Aunt Hilda Spellman. She being the most relaxed and liberal family of the two sisters who were in charge of Sabrina.

The second sister and the oldest of the two, Zelda Spellman, was played by Beth Broderick. She was normally the voice of reason in the series, and she always tried to give a positive lesson to the protagonist.


Nate Richert played Harvey Kinkle, the protagonist’s love interest. He later discovers that he is a witch and left the cast. It has not been mentioned if he was for script issues or the game decided by the actor.

Finally and more importantly, we have the protagonist of the series. Melissa Joan Hart, who gave life for many seasons to Sabrina Spellman. She girl who is studying that she comes from a family of witches.