Ps5 Hero Legend Yeoui Trajectory Package pre -order on July 20

Game Pia Co., Ltd. (CEO Jong-Hun Jung, www.egamepia.com) is a story RPG PlayStation®5 ‘Hero Legend Travel’ developed by Japan Falcom Co., Ltd. The pre-order sales of package products will begin on July 20, 2022.

‘Hero Legend’ Travel is a ‘trajectory’ series using its own new engine, and AT Battle and action elements, the beauty of the trajectory series, fused with the Simry system, and according to the play style, the characters unique to the character. L.G.C., which changes and influences various statuses, co-combats, hostile forces, and even scenarios. It is equipped with a variety of original elements that take advantage of the Yeoui trajectory stage such as the alignment.

The PlayStation®5 ‘Hero Legend Yeouval Trajectory’ is the latest work of the trajectory series using its own new engine and the beginning of the later story. In response to 4K resolution and frame rate 60FPS, the graphics are more elegant, and you can play high speed mode that can set the speed of field and command battles, and the ability to adjust the character size to play more comfortably with the desired preferences..

In addition, even if you first encounter the trajectory series by adding an archive containing the introduction of the series and commentary, it is not only configured to enjoy the worldview of the trajectory series, but also take over the storage data of the PlayStation® version..

The initial purchase privileges of PlayStation®5 ‘Hero Legend Yeoui Travel’ package products are as follows.

■ PlayStation®5 ‘Hero Legend Yeoui Travel’ Package Purchase Privilege

・ PS5 version ‘Hero Legend Yeoui Trajectory’ BOX
※ You can download 8 kinds of DLC by purchasing the PS5 version package first edition.
※ All initial purchase privileges are registered with one promotional code.


① Hollowcore Voice: Latoya Hamilton
② Bar Wolf Suit
③ Blossom Tiger for Ana Es
④ 4spg United class
⑤ 4spg united
⑥ 4SPG United Ferry
⑦ 4SPG United Aaron
⑧ XIPHA Cover 40th Anniversary

■ ‘Hero Legend Yeoui Trajectory’ Free trial version

From the chief to one chapter! A vast 10-hour trial version is being distributed at PlayStation ™ Store (PlayStation®4)

The pre-order of PlayStation®5 ‘Hero Legend Yeoui Travel’ package products from July 20 to July 27, and will be held in various online and offline markets including online shopping mall Soprano. The official domestic release date is July 28th, and the deliberation rating is 15 years old. For more information on the game, please visit the official website, Game Pia, blog, Facebook, and Instagram.