Who is Donna in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is an online game that allows you to explore a wide open world. You will have the opportunity to meet different NPCs that complement the environment, and sometimes a common story. One of these NPCs that you can find and talk to him is Donna in city of Mondstadt .


Little is known about her, with the exception of several facts, for example, about how much she is in love with Dilyuk and constantly fantasizes about him. You can also buy different flowers from her in exchange for the sea.

As the game is playing, Donna can give you various quests, including the head of Tempus Fugit and also the head of the NOCTIO . It is also part of the official story that another character, Lisa made sure that Donna sent herbs from the flora daily.

Where is Donna in Genshin Impact?

Mondstadt is also considered the crown of the North and is located in star valley , Mondstadt . Here Donna can be found at the main gate of the city in a flower store called Flower whisper . After you complete the local assignment called echoing flora… and flora , several colors will be placed around the store for your pleasure.

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