Safe Standing: Applications for standing room for all PL

Manchester City, Manchester United and FC Chelsea had originally offered the very first standing room again, among others.
Since the examination phase has actually ended up being a success given that the start of the year, all clubs in the top English division can now make an application for a conversion to standing room from the coming period.
Thanks to a durable attempt, complete proof as well as modern-day innovation, we are all set to permit standing room in our arenas, said Nadine Dorries, the British Priest of Sporting Activity, Society, Media as well as Digital.
The associations have to meet stringent safety and security standards for authorization.
As an outcome of the Hillsborough calamity from 1989, standing room in British stadiums had been prohibited given that 1994.

After long conversations, the task was introduced in September 2021 and executed from January 1st.