Kazuha Repletes! Wonshin 2.8 Special Broadcasting

Wonshin, which is being serviced by Hoyo Bus, 9:00 pm on Saturday, July 2 (2.8)! Fantastic night? Meteorological song! ‘ Special broadcasts were held on the official YouTube channel. The special broadcast was the opening of Payon’s voice actor Kim Ga-ryeong, Lumine voice actor Lee Se-ha, Fighty & Catherine & Lisa voice actor Park Go-eun, and Kazuha voice actor Kim Shin-woo.

In this 2.8 version, new Kazuha Legendary Mission and Red Foliage Chapter 1 will be added. New 4-star wind element male character Cicano, Hijo, is added to the event, and Jung-jin’s voice actor was in charge of voice. Heijo is a concept of a genius boy detective of Ten Ryo.

Heizo uses the law, but motion is not a law. He can be said to be a short-range magic company, and the battle is a concept. General attacks are struggling with the power of strong winds with floating fighting. Elemental combat skill renovation is cast forward in a short touch or holding. During the charge period, the effect of strengthening the power of the chain is continuously obtained. When a certain stack accumulates, the damage and range increases.

Elemental explosive skills sweep up into the air and attack with floating vacuum coal. It is a ranged attack and causes the enemy to damage the wind range in a wide range of hit. If you attack an enemy with a water/fire/ice/lightning element, an additional explosion will lead to the damage to the element.

One of the characteristics of Heizo, “ One step ahead of the killer ” decreases stamina, which is consumed by his own character. And Heizo also prepared an invitation event, and if you are curious about Heijo’s detective tasks, you can play the seventh house of the first event.

Summer sea and city journey events are also held. There are no versators, sailing, and various stories. The banner character shows Kazuha, Fistle, Mona, and nephritis, and there will be a play or related events. Several items such as gemstones, minerals, crowns, Mora, and characteristic development materials can be obtained as rewards, and you can invite the fist when you achieve the initial condition.

The recollection event is a Dyne Mode Challenge event in the gold apple system. Various contents are available, which are largely divided into descent/raids and escorts. The escort escains a huge raft and continues sailing. Be careful not to kill the enemies around you, destroy the terrain, and avoid the raft. The raid can be adjusted directly, eating coins or killing the enemy, and jumping one floor from the high high place, holding the enemy in order to obtain the coin.

The sound event left by the fantasy is to find a sora with stories in the gold apple system. As you explore the map, you can get an echo sora and collect all the sora to get an interesting story. If you finish the event, you can get a free fist costume for free.

In addition to the gold apple system, other events, the afterimage, are also held. The addition of a new Diruk and a challenge event will be added to the store soon. Diruk will be fighting with a new costume and fights with travelers, and a new fireworks effect that has not been seen in the battle.

Infinite power mechanical cancellation event is also held. When you start the event challenge, the mini game will begin immediately, and you can make small/medium/large gear wheels together to match the right position. The cog wheel is also distinguished, so you have to use your head a little bit more than other mini games.

At the end of this special broadcast, the cookie video was contained. Hey? You can hear me? It’s really interesting. So you are a traveler? Then I will tell you your knowledge, so don’t tell you your story? Along with the ambassador of an unknown character, it shows a scene where Sumer is expected to be a new region.

It is expected to show huge palm trees, high rocks and dense grass, and not only inland inland, showing islands and belly. In addition, the seven new warp shapes were released in a completely different shape from the Mond/Liwol/Inazuma.

It’s so noisy here? The beaches of the sun are burning like a flame slime and shiny like the remaining ashes! Sand and the sea are so beautiful. It would be nice to be able to stay along the desert sand and rainforest… The video was finished as an ambassador. The Sumerian region is expected to include both deserts, rainforests, and sea, and left curious as if there are compositions in which the desert and rainforest regions are confronted.