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Game Content Planning Exhibition Play Splash Exhibition held on June 30th

A cultural and art planning exhibition will be held using game contents made by Busan area developers and indie game developers.

Busan Metropolitan City (Mayor Park Hyung-jun) and Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency (Director Chung Moon-seop) are Shinsegae Gallery (CEO Young-Sik Son), Orange Planet Startup Foundation (Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun) In addition, 81 days from June 30 to September 18, Shinsegae Department Store Centum City 6th floor Shinsegae Gallery announced that it will hold a game planning exhibition ‘PLAY SPLASH’ using game contents of Busan developers and indie game developers.

This exhibition is a unique exhibition where game contents will be presented as a work in the gallery to the gallery. In particular, 11 game contents will be exhibited, including six Busan games, including ‘Small Witches in the Forest’, which ranked No. 1 in the global game market steam sales, and five ‘Busan Indie Connect Festival’ selection. It is expected to inform the citizens of the gallery of Busan’s excellent games and indie games and provide a different experience.

○ Exhibition works and production company information

The ‘Play Splash’ exhibition is a game that is a comprehensive combination of narratives, images, and music. Pay attention to the intelligence, creativity, and challenging spirit. In addition, as an individual creation that delivers messages beyond simply the role of entertainment, the game’s possibilities, social values and meanings are viewed. This exhibition is free.

Chung Moon-seop, Director of the Busan Information Industry Agency, said, League of Legends: The Orchestra MSI Busan, which was held in May, and this exhibition, which focused on the message in the game, can enjoy the game with not familiar with the game. We planned the exhibition. We plan to provide a variety of attractions using game IPs through the Busan Indian Neck Festival and G-Star.

Orange Planet, meanwhile, is a non-profit foundation founded by Global Entertainment company Smilegate. Orange Planet, Seo Sang-bong, director of the Center, said, This exhibition is expected to expand the base that can be communicated with the game in that it will be able to expand the game image. I hope it can be an opportunity to make a change.