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Large MOD for Fallout 4 Fallout: London released in 2023. Fanmaid British Fallout with the same scale map as the main story

Fallout London Team released an announcement trailer for the large MOD for the PC version Fallout 4 on June 26. In 2023, the MOD was scheduled to be released.

Fallout: London is a MOD for the PC version Fallout 4. It is a large fan-made content that delivers a fresh experience on a completely different stage from the main story. In the MOD, you will be far away from the United States, which is familiar in the main series, and move to the UK. Vault-Tec is an American company and does not appear in the UK. Therefore, it seems that rough shelters are scattered more than the company’s Vault. The stage of the stage is set as 2237, 50 years ago in Fallout 4.

Fallout: London includes its own new stories, NPCs, weapons, and creatures. It seems that it contains various elements that reflect the British culture, such as parliamentary parliament and round table knights. The map size is the same as the Commonwealth (Commonwealth/Federation), which was the stage of Fallout 4. It is an ambitious large MOD trying to blow a new breath into Fallout 4.


The MOD seems to have been developed as a team at least in 2019. On June 16, last year, it was officially announced with the trailer (related article). There was a large MOD that renewed the stage, and the expectations of users were increasing. It will be good news for fans who have been worried about the release time, although they will wait until next year. In addition, some of the weapons and equipment scheduled to be implemented in Fallout: London are distributed as independent MODs.

Fallout 4 MOD for PC version Fallout: London will be released in 2023. In addition, the operation of this mod is required for all DLCs for Fallout 4.