Vampire Survivors latest patch distribution started. The evolution table can be confirmed in the game, and the progress of the new engine version is also

On June 24, the developer PONCLE has launched a patch 0.7.3, the latest update of the-looked-up action game Vampire Survivors . In addition to new characters/new weapons, etc., a Relic has been added to see evolution tables in the game.

Vampire Survivors is a Steam and a viewpoint action game under early access distribution. It has gained popularity for elements such as 300 yen low price, easy and crazy game play, and frequent updates. This work has exceeded 100,000 user reviews in Steam the other day. The popularity is 98 %, boasting a status of overwhelmingly popular.

The patch 0.7.3 this time is entitled THE POSH ONE. As for the content, new characters and new weapons are added one by 1. Two new Arkana and six types of achievements are implemented. In addition, two relics that were not on the roadmap of this work were implemented, and adjustments were implemented. One of the added Relic will change the appearance of the character and change the maximum number of weapons that can be used during play. This can be used if you fill 100 collections. And the other can display a list of weapon evolution. This can be found in a library with an elephant.

With the new characters added this time, it seems that all 24 characters (excluding hidden characters) that were announced on the roadmap until the official release were announced. On the other hand, developers have suggested additional new characters. As for the adjustment point in this patch, the performance of Vento Sacro at the low level and the attack range of FUWALAFUWALOO has been enhanced. Magic Banger Relic has been moved to a green land. In the hurry mode, 25 % experience bonuses will be obtained.

The developer PONCLE talks about his reflections and future prospects in this patch notebook. First, PONCLE was originally a personal studio. However, in response to the success of this work, PONCLE seems to be working on development as a team. This time, the new Relic on the weapon evolution list display that was not on the roadmap was implemented because of the new companion, which had a margin of development.

He is also under development of the engine renewal, and is currently a member of PONCLE for the three freelancers who were involved in development. At first, it was developed with the intention of remake this work. However, the actually completed prototype was said to have a Vampire survivors feeling.

In the prototype renewed version, physical operations are accurate and realistic. The enemies no longer push each other and get into the wall, and the fonts became beautiful and easy to read. According to PONCLE, this is unacceptable. Therefore, it is said that the current version of game play is adjusted from the physical operation system so that the engine is renovated can be reproduced. The goal is to release this summer, but it doesn’t seem to be out of sight. They will not be impatient and will take as much time as necessary. This work is likely to evolve further with the continued expansion PONCLE.

VAMPIRE SURVIVORS is being distributed early on Steam, and the price is 300 yen including tax. It is also distributed for PC GAME PASS.