Call of duty

Call of Duty receives content inspired by Alebrije

_ Call of Duty: Warzone continues to grow and grow. With the fourth season already in progress, it was recently announced that a series of cosmetic elements inspired by Mexican culture, specifically in alebrijes, is now available for all users of this Battle Royale.

Known as Wild Alebrije, this cosmetic package can already be purchased at the call of duty vanguard and call of duty warzone stores for 1,200 points COD . This is all that is included here:

-Segandaria of the new subfusil framework 5 modern crafts.

-Calcomanía de Legendaria Shield Flower.

-Exolotl’s epic weapon amulet.

-Tyhrojet called Colorful dream to customize your profile.

-Artistic truth.

-Graffiti Alegría.

If this is not enough, the package also includes a level omission jump. All this content is now available for vanguard and warzone users, and is part of hunting mercenaries, the fourth season of Battle Royale. Considering that MODERN WARFARE II will have elements of Mexico, makes sense that Activision is preparing the public with this type of updates.

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