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Dragon Ball reveals a new technique linked to teleportation

One of the best known techniques in the world of Dragon Ball is that of teleportation, which has served the characters to save themselves from critical moments. And just at the moment in the last arc of Super they are giving new use to this capacity, which is part of a unique combat technique in the franchise.

The current saga is found in its rounds of the final battle, where Goku and Vegeta fight against the evil gas, who used a new set of spheres to become the strongest warrior. The episode Gas tests its title against the new ultra instinct of Goku and the ultra ego evolution of Vegeta. This does this with a new movement baptized as offensive teleportation.

Gas Use teleportation to take Vegeta exactly where he wants him to be, simply pointing to the warrior with two fingers. The technique allows you to position Vegeta in key points to receive a beating, since this ends somewhat confused on the trip, those are the ideal moments for the villain to impact key blows.

It is worth mentioning that this one of the many tricks that the character has under the sleeve, since Vegeta manages to be defeated despite having gained one more level in their respective transformation. Now it will depend on Goku anticipate his movements, while having to dominate the new ultra instinct that he woke up in past episodes.

For now, it has not been confirmed that the anime of Dragon Ball Super will return.