Com2us Group Hive 1 year… 12 game companies contracts, etc.

[Park Ye-jin Park Ye-jin reporter] ‘Com2S Platform (CEO Jae-Joon Song)’ announced its achievements after the external opening of its game SDK platform ‘Hive’ on the 21st. Com2us Platform is a platform subsidiary of Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk).

Hive, a group-only platform, has signed a contract with 12 game companies in June last year for external game companies. In particular, Egon: Infera Valroom, a large-scale multi-entertained role-playing game developed by the round planet (MMORPG), has achieved the top 10 in the early Google Play sales as a new intellectual property (IP). Hybro’s Dragon Village: Arena also ranked No. 1 in the popularity of both markets after its launch.


Hive offers a single software development kit (SDK) for non-game contents such as authentication, payment, promotion, and analysis. The use of hives can only be dedicated to the development of games, enhancing the completeness of the game and reducing the development period. Analytics functions can be found at a glance by checking complex data such as sales by region, country, and items for each game, making it easy to establish a business strategy.

In addition, Hive signed a business agreement with suppliers such as ‘Mega Zone Cloud’ and ‘Vespin Global’, ‘Latis Global’ and ‘Cue Road’, a game operation and QA company. It is expanding.

The company plans to evolve Hive into a blockchain digital media platform, providing a development environment so that not only blockchain games but also various cultural contents such as movies, music, and art can be easily joined in the C2X blockchain ecosystem.