1. FC Magdeburg: Now Franzke as well as Cacutalua are additionally out

Magdeburg’s 23-year-old attacker Maximilian Franzke suffered a muscle bundle tear in training and originally falls short.

CACUTALUA is additionally missing out on for a number of weeks

Consequently, the misery of injury continues with the advertised group.
Instructor Christian Titz currently has to do without a number of normal gamers.
After Kai Brünker, Luca Schuler likewise falls short the second facility onward with a syndesmoseriss.
While Brünker experienced the severe injury at the 1-2 in Braunschweig at the end of April, Schuler captured it last Wednesday.

International train gamer Florian Kath continues to stop working with his Achilles ligament issues.
Novices Malcolm Cacutalua will additionally be missing for a number of weeks with a ligament tear.
At leading scorer Baris Atik, which is laboratories on a tendon strain, the 1st FCM hopes for an early return.

The fitness instructor’s response: We are taking into consideration doing something on the appropriate full-back setting and in the placement of the center onward.