Cheerleader Zombie Warriors Lollipop Chaino

The unique concept zombie action game, Lollipop Chain, returns in 10 years.


On the 15th, Japanese developer Dragami Games CEO Yoshimi Yoshimi announced that the Lollipop chain is revived on Twitter.

Lollipop Chain Cow, released on the 2012 PS3, is an action game in which the blonde girl cheerleader Juliet Staling holds her electric saw and she slices all the zombies in her high school. In addition to the cheerleading action, various actions such as acrovatic kicks and punches were added.

In particular, Suda Koichi, famous for its unique B-class sensitivity such as ‘No-More Heroes’ and ‘Killer 7’, was produced, so the setting and story of the Lollipop Chain is filled with a pleasant B-class movie. Thanks to this, this work has become a ‘pant’ zombie game in the memory of gamers.

However, specific information about how the resurrection, such as reboot and remake, is not yet disclosed, is not yet available. Detailed information on the Lollipop chain will be released later.