The sound of the heart, the god of the god, Lesa, and the popular webtoon game

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Corn Jinwon) announced five companies to participate in the webtoon IP-linked game production support (hereinafter referred to as Global Webtoon Games).

Global Webtoon Games is a project that Conjinwon, Google Play, and Naver Webtoon have been promoted. In February, three institutions signed a mutual agreement. Conjinwon selects local small and medium-sized game companies to support game development, Naver Webtoon provides IP and Google Play supports global marketing.

From March 30 to April 27, a total of 19 developers applied for the global webtoon game business, and a total of five companies were selected through documents and presentations. The selected ▲ Billinne Games (Sasin Boy), Super Jam (Lesa) It will receive up to 600 million won per company with the goal of launching horse games.

The selected game melted the webtoon IP worldview and characters in the game, and received high praise from the judges for combining various genres such as arcade, RPG, strategy, and methubus.


All five developers are local small and medium-sized game companies, and the growing seeds and ENFE1 are also located in Gyeonggi and Chungnam Global Game Center.

Conjinwon held a meeting for companies selected for the project prior to the full-fledged project on the 13th. The meeting was held to have time to listen to the performance and suggestions for efficient projects. Google Play and Naver Webtoons also attended to promise to develop high-quality games and successful overseas launches.

Meanwhile, Conjinwon has been supporting global game centers and operating projects since 2015 so that there is no difficulty in developing games in the region. In the regional global game center, you can receive game production, living space support, talent development, and export support. It is operated in.