Does money break the pc gaming?

This has actually shed video clip games for some virtue. Currently much more money making trends are spreading: NFTS, cryptocurrencies and also the meta verse, which are likewise geared in the direction of revenue optimization. So today there are even games that are only tailored in the direction of having the ability to earn a huge lot of money through the games.

Schuhmann, Alex as well as Leya speak about just how these patterns were developed as well as where they possibly lead us.

This is precisely a sticking factor. Since approaches that are often demonized by die-hard players and also players function monetarily.

The financing model Vondoablo Imortal has actually again triggered the discussion about Pay2win and Microtransactions in the gaming. In the brand-new episode of the Meinmmo podcast, we for that reason speak about the unpopular cash.

Diablo Immortal has currently made sales of greater than $ 10 million in a few days. And also there are not yet the PC version and the earnings from China. There was literally a hail of balls of criticism as well as unfavorable customer reviews on Metacritic, which criticized the video game’s financing system.

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The financing model Vondoablo Imortal has again triggered the discussion concerning Pay2win and also Microtransactions in the pc gaming. In the new episode of the Meinmmo podcast, we for that reason speak about the out of favor cash.


There was essentially a hail of balls of objection and negative customer evaluations on Metacritic, which slammed the video game’s funding system.

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