The problem is ants for live distribution? What the game community should consider to determine discrimination with discrimination …

Now, the rant of e-athletes is a problem. Tekken’s professional e-sports player, Tanuka player, ridiculed a short man during the live distribution and said, If there is no 170, there is no human right. As a result, she canceled her contract from Red Bull Gaming, which was sponsored on February 16, 2022, and on February 17, she belongs. It will be.

On May 2, 2022, SARA, who is active in PUBG Mobile, suspended the player activities from the e-sports professional team to which he belonged to the end of December 2022, and cut a full amount of compensation within the period. To be disposed of participation in social service activities. SARA did not notice that it was distributing during the live distribution of the team, and said, Why do you clear it, it’s really a disabled person, and put it on to your teammates, Sara-san, I’m distributing it. I received it. This is also a major problem as a discriminatory statement, and in addition to the disposal of the person mentioned above, the team to which it belongs has been disposed of 1 million yen from PUBG Mobile JAPAN LEAGUE, a professional e-sports league of PUBG Mobile. increase.

The two events, of course, have a large problem, but also highlight the issues that the e-sports industry has and the issues that should be solved to develop in the future. In this article, I would like to refer to these examples and organize some issues as a whole industry.

■ Slang and anonymous SNS in the game community

The word no human rights that the players say is slang that you may see in the game online community. If you do not have a powerful item or character, you may say there is no human rights in the sense that you will not be on the game of the game in the first place, or you will not be assumed to capture the game. 。

In addition, if you refine a person with a disabled or a child with a disability, referring to people with disabilities, chishou, referring to people with disabilities, chisho, referring to those who do not understand well or who do not understand well. It may be written as Ikenuma in a hit character.

Needless to say, you should not use such words in discriminatory context. The words such as Gaige and Ikenuma have a nuance of insults in the words themselves, and it is hard to write this place, but I dared to write it to raise the problem.

Human rights is a word that is strongly linked to the game, such as the character of a social game player to clear the character to be cleared, but the slang of discrimination that spreads online is always the cause. It does not mean. If anything, there are many situations where people who post them on SNS or online bulletin boards anonymously have a lot of dirty slangs because they do not know their identity, so it seems that it has spread. However, it is also true that it is used in the game online community.

■ Responsibility as a professional player and organization education


First of all, the above-mentioned discriminatory words are not something that can be said if they are anonymous. However, there are aspects that have become a social problem because they are professional e-sports players. As a professional, being sponsored by a company or belonging to a group of organizations is greatly responsible. However, it can be said that there are quite a few players who are active without that awareness.

Of course, the responsibility of the group to which you belong is also questioned. It is necessary to ensure so-called compliance so that the players’ behavior and attitude are appropriate. And this seems to be difficult for a superficial thing, such as avoiding words that should not be said.

■ Problems that make your mouth worse during live distribution

Most players will not respond in discriminatory remarks or slangs in places where interviews and comments are required. This is easy. However, in the case introduced at the beginning, problems occurred during the live distribution.

In fact, it is a common phenomenon that the mouth is bad during live distribution. Even with the same player distribution, it is common for the edited video to talk carefully, but when exchanging with the fans in live distribution, it is common. It is not unusual for videos that edited live distribution later contain annotations that their mouths are getting worse due to live distribution.

Distribution that exposes the fresh humanity that has not been repaired is the real pleasure of live. Fans will follow not only for gameplay but also for human charm. However, in such a place, the words that I usually use and what I think are peeking into my face.

Also, in the case of SARA, he did not live live, but it was a big problem with discriminatory words on the distribution of other players who were distributed nearby.

Live distribution is an important activity for e-sports players. If so, you must be able to speak as a professional distributor, not just a good game. Of course, there are things that can be said and bad. And for professional distributors, it is important to be careful and behave.

■ We must foster culture to develop e-sports

E-sports are still developing. Many people will play games and not recognize them as serious competitions. It is very boring to get more interest in the discriminatory remarks, as I want more people to be interested and have fun. If you are skeptical of e-sports, you may have a negative impression on the entire E-sports with one of the two rants.

I have two children, but both are children with developmental disabilities. I go to the hospital regularly, and my upper child is in an elementary school student in a special support class. Both love games. If the children see the game distribution someday and encounter a scene that is familiar with Is it a disabled! I like games, and I know various games, so there are two or two rants and two or two games, but it’s rather a special case. Yes.

Proposers should not forget that each person is carrying not only the sponsors and groups, but also the games they are playing, their community, and eventually the future of e-sports itself. Just as one professional activity can attract attention, one-of-a-kind behavior may degrade the entire industry.

Hopefully, those who support e-athletes and those who love games and its competitions are the norm for ordinary players, whether they are anonymous, so that they do not make discriminatory remarks, and the entire game community is commonplace. I hate the culture that degrades others with discrimination and prejudice expressions, and I hope that I can break up.