Destiny 2

New useful weapons and solar builds of the current 17 season Destiny 2

In addition to various content, the current 17th season Destiny 2 brought new weapons, seasonal modifiers, perks, updated solar subclasses 3.0, improved characteristics, which, according to a standard scheme, influenced the current metalles / equipment meta. In this article, we will analyze in detail, in my opinion, the most useful new weapon, and we will study several interesting builds based on solar subclasses 3.0.


In total, the current season brought with it 36 legendary (purple) guns and only 2 exotic guns, they are scattered in various activities or are included in the world pool of awards. Despite such an seemingly extensive assortment, from the point of view of PVE, from all options, only a few guns can be safely distinguished, which should pay attention and try to knock out a more or less normal combination of perks.

StormChaser (pursuit of the storm)-At the moment of writing the article, is perhaps the best Burst linear rifle for applying a huge amount of damage, and in principle, in terms of damage it can compete with another popular heavy weapons / assembly of weapons. The attractiveness of StormChaser is primarily in a unique frame that allows you to release 3 alternate cartridges for one shot, while the rest of the linear rifles produce only one.

Secondly, the developers equipped the weapon with a set of pretty good perks, although the following should be present in the ideal (God Roll).

  • The line of fire is 20% increases critical damage. For group content.
  • Madness or cutting weapons, reduce damage by 10 \ 15%. For solo content.
  • Club-surge or holster with auto-sharing.
  • Fast coils.

Unfortunately, StormChaser randomly falls from the chests of each stage of the new dungeon, which slightly complicates the pharmacy process, especially if you have not bought season 17.

Calus Mini-Tool (mini-instrument of Kalus) and Drang (onslaught)-a steady solar submachine gun and a gun. The weapon fell on the list only because of three features: firstly, the combination of the elements and archetype, which are ideal for new builds, and secondly, both contain a new perk Srinity. The latter, during the murder, makes the enemy explode, applying ao-aboron and hanging the effect of a burn on neighboring goals. Thirdly, weapons were added to the craft system, respectively, their perks of 3 and 4 columns received special reinforced options.

Although I personally like their two options more than Calus Mini-too, because this is a fairly quick-fired submachine gun that can instantly clean the room from the crowds of opponents thanks to the above-mentioned perk (especially if you scrap the enhanced version).

And now briefly why of 36 options I chose only 3 guns. Stormchaser, judging by the naked figures of various publicly available tests, in complex group content, can give out very large figures of damage, and if there is divinity, shooting at Crete is not difficult. Calus Mini-Tool and Drang are ideal for new solar builds, have good damage and allow you to take a good weapon in 1 and 2 slot. For example, StormChaser + Plasma Rifle, StormChaser + Still good linear plasma rifle Arbalet, StormChaser + single-charged Grenade Popla, or any other popular combinations of 1 and 2 slots.


Three things influenced the Bield Building Meta Bield building: of course, the updating of all solar subclasses to the 3.0 system with aspects and fragments, one of the seasonal mods, and the most powerful effect had small changes in the characteristic Resistance, which now in PVE reduces incoming damage. It is because of the latter that almost all builds are repelled from resistance, since with a value of 100, damage is reduced by 40%, and at 90-of 32%. In a simpler and more understandable language, not paying attention to persistence, you yourself complicate your game.

The mentioned seasonal mod is called cool recreation-when activating solar class ability, the character for about 10 seconds receives Buff Reconstruction X2, which turns you into a truly immortal. To be completely accurate, the character is simply very difficult to kill due to the totality of the seasonal fashion for resistance and updating the characteristics resistance. Next, we will analyze the simplest builds for each class, and the video below is an example of an immortal guard on the last boss of the new Dange.


Perhaps the easiest build that turns titanium into an immortal guard. In fact, in order to collect it, you just need to go through the plot addition of the queen of the witch on legendary complexity and pick up an exotic helmet.

  • 100 resistance.
  • Equipment mods-like a minimum armor of a dying star to increase resistance to fire, darkness and mod to resist electricity.
    • Further to your taste and color. For example, you can collect mods for spontaneous wells.
  • Exotic helmet Loreli shine is a key component of the build. In fact, because of it, the titans do not particularly need a seasonal mod Cool reconstruction and after the end of the season they will still remain immortal. After installing the barricade, the helmet creates a sunny spot under the character that activates the Buff Reconstruction X2.
  • Aspects-Sol rebellious and rumbling flame.
  • Fragments:
    • Corners of the sky-with the murder of the enemy from fire weapons or the ability for about 4 seconds, extends the effects of effects reconstruction and radiance. Thanks to the fragment, you can disperse the effects of effects to 12 seconds. If desired, the fragment can be replaced with any of the last point.
    • Charulent burns-class ability is restored faster when the enemy effects the effect of a burn.
    • Coal of torches-while applying for the ability of a near battle, you and the allies nearby get the effect of radiance.
    • As the latter, you have a choice between the corner of the eruption or corner of ash.


The build below allows the boats to throw an almost endless number of grenades that cause huge damage and allow you to kill the thickest bosses much faster.

  • 100 resistance and ideally 100 recovery.
  • Equipment mods-like a minimum armor of a dying star + for resistance to electricity.
  • Seasonal mod Cool recreation-for increasing survival.
  • Exotic bib Phoenix Protocol is a key component of the band, which allows you to apply huge damage in a short period of time. You get a second charge of plasma grenades, grenade energy is restored when damaged from an enhanced split and the murder of plasma grenades restores the energy of the split.
  • Aspect Touching Flame-assigns all rewards, endowing them with an additional property, in particular plasma grenades explode twice.
    • Choose the second aspect to your taste.

* Fragments-corner of the sky, corner of torches, corner of ash, corner of flame.


Belically, the build below is built around the formation of the immortal and sunny ultimate flurry of blades, which finally can give out much more damage in the potential than a shadow shot (even under Orpheus).

  • 100 resistance and ideally 100 mobility for accelerated restoration of evasion (so that cool recreat can be activated more often).
  • An ordinary electric mod influential friends, it gives 20 mobility and, accordingly, it will be easier for you to select equipment. As in the case of Titan, the rest of the mods to taste and color.
  • Seasonal mod Cool recreation-for increasing survival.
  • The ability of the near-battle Trick with a knife (where there are 3 throwing knives with the effect burn) or weighted knife.
  • A new ability to evade the activation of Buff Shine.
  • Exotic gloves Galanor Shards-a key component of the build due to indirect buff flurry of blades, which is now able to give out huge numbers of damage. Thanks to the effect of energy restoration, you will more often ultimate.
  • Aspect Beat them-tot the most indirect buff. Improves every sunny ultimate hunter, and in particular, the flurry flurry produces almost twice as many blades (hence the increase in damage). Also, while the character is active Buff Shine, killing the ability of near-battle immediately restore its energy.
  • Aspect Second readiness-we take for 5 slots for fragments for the sake of 5 slots.
  • Fragments (if they took a trick with a knife)-coolen sky, corner of a burn, coal of torches, corner of ash, coal of flame. Instead of the latter, you can take a corner of a miracle to remove the negative effects of the coal of the sky.
    • If you select a weighted knife, weapons with the Srinity perk are required to prove some effects of fragments.