Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Calus wacking heads-locations

In our Guide for the Calus Wackel heads in Destiny 2 you can find out:

  • Where you can find the wobble heads on the Leviathan
  • All loose-head foundations in the separation missions

There will be a total of nine Calus wacking heads in Destiny 2 during the season of the searches. As soon as you have found a wobbly head, you can do it in H.E.L.M. Place to the left of the crown of suffering.

_ Attention : We update this guide every week with the latest loose-head foundations._

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all Calus wacking heads on the Leviathan


The wobbly head in the fort (starting area of the Leviathan) is hidden behind a closed door. Go from the spawn point directly to the left, in the corner of the room you will find the closed door with a switch in front -however, this cannot be operated.

There are a total of five such doors in the fort. After each completion of the intersection , two of the five switches are active-which they are, it is random. So you have to complete a containment event and hope that the door next to the spawn point can be opened. The wobbly head is in the room to the right of the chest.

pleasure gardens

The wobble figure in the pleasure gardens stands behind the huge headless Calus statue . Go left around the statue-you can virtually not miss the wobbly head.

royal baths

If you enter the royal baths from the castle, go to the covered room on the right (the transition to the pleasure gardens is also in this room). In the upper right corner of the room you will find a hole in the floor . Follow the corridor under the hole to the end-the Calus wacky head is waiting for you at the end of the dead end.

Separation: Scham-Calus-Wackelkopf-Fundort

In the first separation mission shame you have to activate four switches ** while you are hunted by an invincible opponent. A switch is behind an electrically charged wall. The wobbly head is hidden on the grille in this room. Use the pipes on the sides to jump up.

Separation: Reconciliation-Calus Wackelkopf-Fundort

At the beginning of the mission you have to crawl through the pipes again. If you get out of the pipes, go right into the corner (there the Calus machine was shame in the first separation mission) and climb into the tube . At the end of the pipe, the Calus wacky head is on the left.

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