Exactly how to defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go (June 2022): Finest counterattacks and weaknesses

Pokémon Go was officially reset for the month, which suggests a completely new battle for Giovanni in June. You require an excellent team composition to defeat Group Go Rocket drivers as well as capture Shadow Latias. Because a lot is to be anticipated in June, consisting of GO as well as the Period of Go, there is a lot to do in terms of the web content where the gamers can delight in. Not just that, the new study advancement offers gamers the chance to catch Shiny Klink and also include one more Shiny to their collection. They defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go.

exactly how to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go With June 2022

Before we can concern the counterattacks and also weak points of Giovanni’s team in Pokemon Opt for June 2022, we initially need to take a look at Giovanni’s group list for this month. Here is Giovanni’s group in Pokemon Go that you have to beat this month:

Checklist of one :

List 2 :.

Below are some of the most effective lists versus Giovanni as well as his group:.

| LATIAS ** (kind of clairvoyant/dragon).

ideal counter group against Giovanni in Pokemon Go June 2022.

Rhyperior .

Persian :.

Right here are the most effective counters for Giovanni’s team in Pokemon Go this month:.

Hönchkrow :.

| Persian ** (regular type).

Shadow Latias .

  • Weak point: battle type.
  • Lucario-counter, aurasphare.
  • Machamp-counterattack, vibrant blow.
  • Heracross-counterattack, close battle.
  • Conkeldurr-dynamic strike, counterattack.
  • Breloom-counterattack, vibrant blow.

Listing 3 :.

Group 3 :.

team 2 :.

  • Aggron (Type steel/stone)- dragon cock, slap down.
  • Breloom (grass/battle kind)- counterattack, dynamic strike.
  • Pachirisu (electrical kind)- Volt switch, thunderbill.

Garados .

  • Alolan Graveler (Kind Elektro/Stein)- Rock throwing, thunderbill.
  • Kyurem (kind of ice/dragon)- dragon tail, outrage.
  • Lucario (kind of fight/steel)- counterattack, aurasphare.


  • Weakness: rock and also electrical kinds.
    • Probopass-rockfall, thunderbill.
  • Zapdos-thunderbill, rumbling shock.
  • Raikou-Volt shifter, wild tons.
  • Electivir-thunderbill, wild strike.
  • Pachirisu-Volt shifter, thunderbill.

Group 1 .

  • Weak point: water, yard, battle, ice, flooring and steel kinds:.
  • Venusaur-Vine whip, craze plant.
  • Swampter-waterfall, browse.
  • Empoleon-waterfall, hydrocanons.
  • Kyogre-waterfall, surf.
  • Roserade-razor blade, turf node.

  • Weak points: fairy, dark, dragon, ice, beetle, ghost and ice kinds:.

  • Aggron-dragon tail, hefty impact.

  • Gengar-licking, darkness round.
  • Kyurem-dragon tail, outrage.
  • MetaGoss-Bullet Strike, Meteor Mash.
  • Steelix-kite tail, problem.

Finest counters for Giovanni in Pokemon Go June 2022.

| Hönchkrow (dark/flying kind).
| Garados
(kind of water/flight).
| rhyperior ** (kind rock/floor).

  • Weak point: rock, ICE, Electric and also Fairy types.
  • Alolan Graveler-stone throw, thunderbill.
  • Probopass-spark, rock cool.
  • Pachirisu-thunderstall.
  • Golem-rockfall, quake.
  • Aggron-blow down, rumbling.

  • MACHAMP (fight type)- counterattack, vibrant impact.

  • MetaGross (mentally/steel)- Bullent Punch, Meteor Mash.
  • Probopass (stone/steel)- rockfall, thunderbill.

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Pokémon Go was formally reset for the month, which indicates an entirely brand-new fight for Giovanni in June. You require a great group make-up to beat Team Go Rocket operators and catch Darkness Latias. Because so much is to be anticipated in June, including GO and the Season of Go, there is a great deal to do in terms of the content where the players can enjoy. Not only that, the brand-new research study innovation offers players the chance to capture Shiny Klink and add an additional Shiny to their collection. They defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go.