Kakao works as a meta bus from July

The Kakao Community announced on the 30th that Kakao will be initiated from July in July.

Kakao, which has been working remote work since February 2020 due to Corona 19, established a ‘Community Working Working 2.0 TF’ under the community Alrine Center (CAC) to create a way of working in Kakao Community, which has been developed in the current remote work. I have been thinking about it continuously. As a result of conducting workshops based on various remote work cases and know-how experienced by Kakao affiliates over the past two years, it is more important to ‘how you work’ than ‘where you work’, and the new form of ‘methus work system’ I designed the work method.

The Meta Bus Working System is a workplace that is always connected to a colleague in a virtual space regardless of the workplace, and you can work with your colleagues using appropriate means such as text, voice, and video. It is different from the existing remote work to work freely in the place where the crew chose, but to communicate in real time to the voice channel.

Kakao has prepared a “ground rules” so that crews (employees) can work efficiently in the meta bus working environment, and will have a beta operation period until the methus work system settles. During the beta operation period, we plan to find ways to complement the difficult parts that are difficult to solve online, and listen to the opinions of the crews to continue to develop the work system.

Only Using The BUS STOP in Retail Tycoon 2 (Roblox)

Among the Kakao Community, Kakao, Kakao Games, Kakao Mobility, Kakao Bank, Kakao Ventures, Kakao Brain, Kakao Style, Kakao Style, Kakao Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment, Kakao Investment, Kakao Pay, Kakao Healthcare, and Crust Determined. The timing and method of application by community may be different for each company’s situation and compliance compliance.

The Kakao Community plans to successfully settle the meta bus work system and make it one of Kakao’s core identity, such as a name culture that calls English names for horizontal communication.

CEO Nam Gung-hoon, CEO of Kakao, said, “After experiencing remote work for the past two years, we concluded that ‘connection’ is more important than physical space.” We will support it as a culture that penetrates the Kakao community. ”