What happens when you finish the island of Armor Pokedex

As for Reproduction Gold Crown, it is essentially a hat, but you can only wear it with the default hairstyle. It’s truly a superb helmet, so changing hairdo is worth it.

What Happens When You COMPLETE The ISLE OF ARMOR POKEDEX In Pokemon Sword and Shield

The brand beauty will raise your possibilities of discovering Pokémon marked in the video game. The marked Pokémon are a special kind of Pokémon which can just appear in nature.

When you finally captured the 210 Pokémon you need for the Pokedex, go back to see the girl that offered you the Pokedex at the Ile or Armor station. By showing him the whole Pokedex, you will be motivated to offer you some honors. These awards consist of a certificate, a special organization card, a reproduction of a cold crown of initial design as well as a brand name charm.

If you have actually been racing to fill your pokedex from Armor Island and would like to know what type of rewards are waiting for you when you have completed it, then we have what you need. There are 210 entries on the island of Armor Pokedex, but a number of them will certainly currently be covered by the Pokémon of the Galar region that you will certainly have caught in the basic video game. Thus, filling in the brand-new Pokedex is not so poor if you currently have a great deal of time bought the video game.