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Rampage with more than 60 kinds of mini! Ask the development team about the commitment of “Walklaft Arklight Rumble” [Interview]

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT is a full-new smartphone mobile game “Walklaft Arklight Rumble” based on the “WarCraft” series. This work is scheduled to be released in 2022 and will be supported in Japanese.

This work is a game that can be called “tower offense”, which consumes “gold” that is accumulated automatically and summons a character called “Mini” and aims to capture the opponent’s base. Sometimes the battle can be advantageous by summoning the mini that the other party is not good at, or by combining mini-compatible minis.

You can also enjoy various bargaining, such as collecting gold from the “mine” in the field and accelerating mini production.

I also participate in the previous play, but on a rich stage, I can use my head to manipulate character with characteristic. That’s why the sense of accomplishment when the tactics that come up are particularly addicted are wonderful.

BLIZZARD Entertainment re-held a conference for Japanese game media for such “Walklaft Arklight Lumble”. This time, I asked the developers Adam Kuguler and Vick Saraf.

◆ The career of the developer who interviewed

Adam Kugura Associate Game Director. He used to be in charge of effect artists and system design in WarCraft.

Vic Saraf Executive Producer and VP. He has been in charge of developing mobile games since 2013.

―― Thank you for your cooperation today. Immediately, if you have a character that appears in the “Walk Laft Arklight Lumble” for them, please let me know.

I like the character “Hogar”. This character improves the attack speed each time you fight, so the more you are on the battlefield, the more damage you can do. When using it, it is ideal to play light attacks and earn more and more. In addition, it is fun to try various combo. For example, if you combine it with a skill that can continue attacking for a few seconds after the death of a mini, “Cheatdes”, it will be even more useful.

Vick I love the hero character “sned”. The characteristics of this character have the characteristic of getting additional 2 gold every time the tower is broken. Next is “Drake”. Because it is a dragon, it is fun to use fire from the sky and fight.

Adam, especially the leader, depends on the player’s preference. I think there is a leader in my play style, so try various characters. If you play for a long time, you will see a different side of the character, and you will be able to think.

―― ―。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

Adam In this work, you can go to the dungeon and do quests. Regarding the battle, the most attractive is how to turn the gold that produces the character? Is important. If you turn this economy well, you can hit the character that is advantageous to the enemy. It is interesting to play while thinking about “How do you get your opponent get gold?”

It is important to play with emphasis on vic balance. It is important not only to make a mini, but also to make both mini mini for offense and defense in a well-balanced manner. If you push the enemy in a jealousy, you will feel that you can put your right hand one after another, and it will be very fun!

――Are you struggling in the character design?

There was a mini that was difficult to adjust Adam balance. The most impressive thing was “Terian”. He had recovery skills and was often used during the test period. Once there was an incident about this Terian.

In a certain area, there is a gimmick called “Dead Mine” to scan your own mini and duplicate. With this scan, there was a situation in which the opponent took out five Teria and attacked while recovering. It’s fun to find such a thing (laughs), but I think it is necessary to adjust the balance around here for the official release version.

――― Even beginners who are not bright in such a genre or “WarCraft” can enjoy this work.

Adam new players, as you know, take over the IP pedigree of World of WarCraft. Therefore, this work has also created a campaign and world view, and it can be enjoyed by those who do not know “WarCraft”. As you proceed with the game, you will see the world view of “WarCraft”, so you will have the pleasure of exploring it.

In addition, there are some parts of this work with a strong PVP element. However, with the IP of “WARCRAFT”, the PVE element is also emphasized. There are many campaigns and events, so I think that those who do not know “WarCraft” will enjoy it as an entrance to know the series.

Adam I think this work has an element like a puzzle. Currently, about 70 maps are implemented, but all are adjusted one by 1. If you raise the character level, you can push it, but I think it is interesting to select the strategy and character on the map and clear it.

-In this work, there is a spot in the field that can be called “mine”, and you can get gold by dispatching a specific character there. In tower defense games, I think it is unusual for a system to actively acquire resources in these fields. What is the idea from this?

Adam’s original “WarCraft” system has been taken over. In the past “WarCraft”, resources were collected from the mine on the map and the characters were produced. In this work, it was very interesting when I examined and tested this system as a designer. In “World of WarCraft”, resources were collected from the field, but I think this system was stuck in both works.

We also adjusted mini to this system. Some mini have resources skills. For example, a character called “sned” can collect resources as the level goes up. The enemy character “Harpy” has the ability to steal resources. I want you to enjoy gameplay about such resources.

-I think there are various types of party formation. Is there any recommended formation?

I don’t know if it will be Adam, but I don’t need to stick to one party formation. Because this work can be organized in various combinations. At first I was playing with Mage, but later I tried to play Paladin as the main, so I could play it happily. The way of playing can be changed depending on the player’s preference. There is no specific mini, and every mini has a strength. I don’t think it can be cleared with just one party formation, so please try various characters!

If you add a vick, it is important to develop characters. In addition to simply playing PVP and PVE, you can train specific characters quickly by playing quests.

――The user is concerned about the root box. For example, some users said that there was a mechanism that the so-called “heavy charge” would be advantageous, such as a rare and powerful character appearing in the route box. How do you think about such a part?

Adam, we have a philosophy in making games. One is that everything is left to the player’s choice. What it means is that this work does not have any random elements such as a root box. You can buy characters with money, but all you can buy is determined.

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And one more thing, “the growth of players” is also important. The way you proceed depends on the choice of the player, so you can catch up with the billing player without charging.

The same is true for “level up”. It depends on which mini you will nurture and the choice of the player. I think that there is no solution to everything from these aspects.

Regarding the part to be entrusted to the player, we plan to publish a parties formation video after the release. However, it is not enough for players to play as a guide to have a unique experience. I think that you can enjoy a great sense of accomplishment if you proceed with the organization you thought, including the character development.

Furthermore, this work does not have the upper limit or number of quests that can be played, or the stamina upper limit. You can play as you like for 5 minutes or 5 hours. There is a weekly upper limit for quests, but this is a cheetah countermeasure setting, and you can play until you are satisfied.

――Is a mechanism like a “battle pass” about the billing form? It was said that it would not be “Pay to Win”, but please tell me what it will be if you incorporate it as a measure to attract users.

Unfortunately, we can’t talk about future plans at this time, but now we want to know what the players think about them, as the current stores are elaborate.

-This work is a game that plays vertically. Personally, it is better to have a vertical holder rather than horizontal, but please let me know if there is a way to make it easier to play.

Adam This work is a game designed for mobile, so I think that vertical holding is the way to hold a smartphone and is the most natural. The moment you hold it horizontally, you will sit down and feel like you will play. However, in that case, I feel like I want to play on a PC. Considering that point, if a smartphone user plays naturally, is it vertical? I think.

Also, I’m looking forward to finding the goodness of the skills in the game.

――The attractive units are also available at the test play stage, but how many units will be implemented in the official version?

Adam Walkraft is a vast universe, and there are many interesting places to explore and many characters to meet. Currently, more than 60 types of mini are available, you can set up various strategies, and we plan to release them regularly according to the progress of the game.

-Collaboration with other Blizzard titles, such as the fact that the elements of “Diablo” and “Overwatch 2” appear as cosmetic items, and conversely, the elements of “Arklite Rumble” appear in other works. Is it more?

Vic BLIZZARD has a long history of providing cross-promotions between games, so there is no specific plan at this time, but I think there is no doubt.

―― Please tell us again what kind of interaction elements of this work are. Are there any other modes/elements that excite the community besides Pvp/PvE?

Adam Dungeon, Raid, and CO-OP are the features that are currently installed or planned in the game. We are also working on other unpublished features to keep the game fresh, for PVE and PvP players.

“Walklaft Ark Light Rumble” is a mobile game that can be easily operated, but also has deep strategic and intercourse elements. In particular, the performance of the mini that appears has been quite carefully adjusted, and it seems that you can enjoy it in various ways. Even those who have no experience in the “WarCraft” series seem to be able to enjoy it easily.

Finally, the development team of this work has received comments to Japanese players about the charm of the world view of “WARCRAFT” & “WOW”.

Adam’s Walklaft Ark Light Rumble incorporates elements that impress the characters and the environment in this world without any preliminary knowledge about WarCraft. The world of Azeros, and the whole “WarCraft” are the theme of exploration and adventure, the courage of the race, the unusual (literally explosive) inventor of gnome and goblins, the more traditional medieval fantasy of Storm Wind and Roderon, etc. There are surprisingly various experiences that everyone likes. And in this world, there are tragic stories and some stories that are uplifting without thinking too seriously. This work condensed this vast universe into a fun challenge of all encounters, and created something that we can be called “fun chaos” ** with familiarity.

In Japan, deep games that are difficult to master, especially easy to remember are popular. In “Ark Light Rumble”, more than 60 types of mini have three talents. Each leader also has its own synergy effect and a play style. In this game, we recommend solving strategic puzzles in the most effective way. And try to solve the puzzle again with another piece. All of these are included in the continuously replayed PvE and PvP experience, and will be supported over the next years.