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Virtually every sunscreen reliably protects versus UV radiation.
This found Stiftung Warentest in an investigation.
Nevertheless, the prerequisite for defense is that you utilize adequate sunscreen.
Due to the fact that the rule uses to the “obstructing as opposed to spilling”: According to the professionals, a 1.80 meter high grown-up needs about three tbsps of sunscreen to properly apply his entire body.

That is about 40 milliliters.
A 200 milliliter container is sufficient for an optimum of 5 days if you then take into account that sunlight adorers should use routinely after sweating or swimming.
Vacationers need to therefore have several bottles in their travel luggage on vacation-or buy them on site.
At the very least internationally recognized branded items are most likely to have the same quality abroad as in Germany.
Sunscreen is typically substantially more expensive in vacation nations.