RB Leipzig: Mintzlaff defends itself against criticism

One day after the DFB Cup victory, managing director Oliver Mintzlaff rejected the continued criticism of RB Leipzig with sharp words.

“Anyone who still has not understood that we are an enrichment for soccer Germany we don’t want to help,” he called to the fans after the 4-2 victory in penalty shootout against SC Freiburg at the cup celebration in Leipzig.

The influence of main sponsor Red Bull and the lack of tradition of the association have been discussing for years.

He could say that “I am so proud to be the managing director for this club in this city,” said Mintzlaff and added to the RB supporters: “This peaceful, horny fan path we go, one or the other does not get one or the other, which we also no longer want to explain to you, it’s unique. “

Mintzlaff begründet Marsch-Aus:

The first title of the young club history in a difficult season is “less satisfaction than joy that we managed to go through such a crisis,” added Mintzlaff in the “MDR” interview.

He told the fans: 13 years ago you were still in the 5th division “and Saturday we got the damn thing on the third attempt”.