Red dead redemption 2

The new online network of Red Dead is bad news for players

A new red -line in line_ the update is bad news for the players. While gta online obtains continuous support from Rockstar Games,Red Dead Constance 2_ fans have been increasingly forgotten. Rockstar Games not only has not touched the rdr2 campaign for a player, but he has not done anything with writely online in a long time. And it does not seem that this will change. In fact, it seems that it will only get worse.

Rockstar's New Survey Is BAD NEWS For Red Dead Online Players (RDR2 New Update)
Take-Two Interactive, the Rockstar Games parent company, recently had a profit call with investors, andRed Muerto online_ appeared was then when he responded to the Twitter movement “Save Red Dead online.” The simple recognition of Twitter’s trend suggested that Take-Two Interactive had not yet ended with a red-liner online_, because, otherwise, why recognize it? If you recognize a problem, it is generally because you have a plan to remedy it. And maybe there is a plan, but a fact in another part of the call of the earrings suggests otherwise.

In another part of the earning call, while talking about writely online, Take-Two Interactive transmitted to its investors that it expects microtransactions to decrease this year compared to the previous fiscal year. Nothing happened this previous fiscal year with Red Red online,that does not lend expenditure on the game. The fact that it predicts a decrease almost confirms that there will be no significant content before April next year. Even if you add content that does not involve microtransactions, it would boost participation, and participation drives purchases in the game. So, this is not a good sign for _Red Red online Players

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