Together with the Maple Story warriors, hearing impaired children and youth support campaigns

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) announced on the 20th that it will hold a social contribution campaign to support hearing impaired children and youth in its online game ‘Maple Story’.

The campaign with the Nexon Foundation and Love Sales Beyond the fragmentary artificial snail tube surgical support, but also replace the external devices due to aging and failure, and produce parishes necessary for continuous rehabilitation training, and allow children with disabilities to adapt well in society. It aims to apply from a long -term perspective, such as the development of disability recognition education contents.

Starting, from the 19th of this month, Maple Champions began with the “Sharing Project of Stone Spirit” and the items were exhausted in two hours after the event starting with active participation and support. If you buy a “happiness” hat item in the game, it will automatically participate in sharing, and every time a hat is sold, it can be replaced by a hearing impaired child or adolescent.

The donation will be used to create a language rehabilitation parish using Maple Story IP, to improve the awareness of hearing impairment, so that friends who have undergone artificial snail tube surgery can make rehabilitation treatment more easily and more fun. am.

Maple Story - 3rd job advancement (fighter - crusader)
In order to share the warm heart of users, Nexon has opened an additional ‘happiness’ hat item through the ‘Sharing Project of Stone of Stone’ until June 1, and ‘Pink Bean’s Sharing Project’ for the same period. Thank you for the participation and present ‘Heart Headband’.

Earlier, in 2018, on the 15th anniversary of MapleStory Service, we held a ‘Pink Bean Sharing Project’ to support surgery and rehabilitation treatment for children with hearing impaired children. All items were exhausted. The donation was used to support artificial snail tube surgery and language rehabilitation for fifteen hearing impaired children.