Preview: If you switch off your brain in Saints Row, you get the fun of your life

The new Saints Row was not well received by all fans of the series when it was announced. The reboot should be hipper and less turned off than its predecessors, but at the same time there is full of Saints Row-DNA-an apparent contradiction. No dildo spanking weapons, no choice whether we want to defeat cancer or world hunger as a newly appointed president, no trip to the moon or hell.

Instead, this time it is about the beginnings of the Saints, consisting of a group of semi-strongers who look like they are more about their style and their tictok account than to lead a criminal organization. Whether the new crew can convince or too deliberately cool with sayings, Row was able to get an idea of this in an approximately 45-minute presentation, including the questioner round.

if the Saints appear 15 minutes late with a Starbucks coffee

The most important question that the new Saints Row has to answer is whether a modern, hip reboot of the series can work. And that depends above all on the characters. Although we can create our main character (simply called “boss” in the game) and choose the age in addition to the look, but our three best friends and later Saints lieutenants Eli, Neenah and Kevin all look as if they could also look us Run on the university campus.

As a reminder, the new Saints crew shows in the first trailer:

So young and so criminal – that takes some getting used to. In order to underline the youngster image, a lot of stupid sayings are of course knocked. However, while the characters tease each other because Eli is not allowed to wear a pistol because a mishap has happened to him, or Kevin absolutely wants to watch Telenovelas, one thing is clear: this is about the story of four friends.

And that looks quite likeable, at least in the missions shown so far, since not only our crew rushes to help us in crazy situations, but we also complete personal missions for and with them. Of course, it also fits that the Saints have just started here. Instead of leading a powerful criminal empire, we are more of the underdogs here, so we have to work up and prove ourselves.

of all Saints start is small

In keeping with the rejuvenated cast of the characters, our problems at the beginning of the game are more reminiscent of that of students than a gang gang. The Saints does not exist yet. Rather, we live with our friends together in a flat share in the desert and player city of Santo Ileso and fight to pay for our rent.

However, because this is still a Saints Row, we do not go to work in the next diner, but attack a deposit house together. While our buddies Eli and Kevin bring the captured money to safety, we and our professional escape car driver Neenah jump into the car and distract the police with a wild chase.

Once the cops have been left behind, we change the car in the scrap site-as far as the plan, if it weren’t for the rival gang Los Panteros, the said vehicle completely took apart. So first we get a shootout with you, which of course gets the police back on track. So the escape continues.

If we then did it and left gangs and law enforcement officers equally, we can finally start building our criminal empire. To do this, we not only have to take over the nine districts of Santo Ileso, but also keep the other gangs off the neck that we inevitably annoy.

turned off and down -to -earth at the same time

There should be a total of 25 main and 10 secondary missions (for example for the gang members) that we can complete in the course of the story. We not only want to increase the influence of the Saints, we also have to take care of our crew.

Because as already mentioned above, this is also about the characters and our bond with them. This is also shown by the two missions that were also shown in our presentation in addition to the robbery on the Pfandhaus: In one, our driver Neenah revenge after the hostile Los has destroyed her car. So we jump into the next helicopter, shoot a few rockets on the way to a lot Panteros-Barbeque and then chase the gang’s car workshop in the air.

In another mission, our DJ friend Kevin is kidnapped by the evil idol gang, to which he used to belong himself. As revenge for his infidelity, the idols want to chase him into the air, which is apparently a Saints Row pattern. In order to find out its location, we quickly strap on our car in the Dixie toilet and go on a jaunt with our human demolition bulb.

Despite the more down-to-earth setting, there should again be the humor and wild action that Saints Row fans are used to-just underlaid with more personal stories of the characters.


Saints Row offers a multiplayer mode for two people who let you jump and out of your friends at any time. The complete game should also be played in the co -op. The fights with a colleague are more demanding, but both also receive the rewards of the corresponding quests.

progression: you have completed a mission as a co-op guest for a buddy that is still open at your solo game, you will be asked when you run your own run whether you want to skip the corresponding mission as soon as you want to play as soon as you it reached.

weapons, lots of weapons

Speaking of action! What would a Saints Row be without fighting? So we not only have to deliver fire battles with the police, but also other gangs, who also like to send stronger mini bosses into battle as well as particularly badly armed muscle prices.

No problem, after all, we carry an entire arsenal of weapons with us. We can not only choose from pistol, shotgun and the like, each weapon also has its own ability that we unlock by completing challenges: For example, SMG is causing more damage to vehicles, while we can get a gun in another in another every hand.

In addition to the normal weapons, there are also the more unusual models. We throw the thrustbuster on our opponents like a football and then send them into the air with an explosion. With the Piñata launcher, on the other hand, we shoot Piñatas, who then go up like grenades.

In particular, these weapons promise to bring variety to the otherwise somewhat static balling, in which we just shoot opponents, while they fire back on us. In any case, we hope that there is more of it in the game!

once grenade in the pants

Also new are the finisher with which we effectively send our opponents to the ground. However, it still has to be shown whether these maneuvers can do more than just look cool – and whether they are not even annoying in the long run if we have to watch the animation every time. Our skills are definitely effective. We can equip four of them at the same time, for example, to stuff grenades in their pants with the “pineapple express” opponents and then throw them on their friends. Or to chase the air into the air with a “rapprochement mine”. However, the insertion of skills is not entirely free, because to use them we need flow – the bar for this fills up if we do damage in the fight – Horizon: Forbidden West greets you!

If we also want to be well prepared, we can also replace our “Perks” advantages at any time. With these little bonuses, we move faster in our crouch or Tasern opponents who meet us in close combat.

vehicles: Whoever runs is your own fault

In addition to classic shootings, vehicle fights are of course also part of the new Saints Row, which have been properly revised for the reboot. So we can now ram the other vehicle with the police and push off the street – the faster we are, the more damage we do.

Although our own vehicle can also be damaged, the game does not seem to take this too precisely if we are allowed to fly on the highway 20 meters through the air or ramp with the cross bike. Here is probably clearly fun with realism.

In addition, in the course of the story we can also pie our mobile orders in order to give you a speed boost or a ejection seat. With the latter we can catapult ourselves into the air and then sail over the roofs of the city with our wingsuit. It looks damn fun, even if we don’t fly but just slide. But if we lose height, we simply bump off from the head of a non -rising passerby and the journey continues.

Welcome to Santo Ileso

The fictional city of Santo Ileso is like a large cake for the city’s gangs that they want to divide with each other. So we also fight for supremacy in the individual districts, in order to then collect the income from the criminal activities there.

We can not only explore the open game world by vehicle or Wingsuit, but also on foot. We do not need to expect a dense atmosphere full of people on the streets, but here and there we can also interact with our surroundings, for example by giving a spontaneous guitar concert by emote or meeting a street tape. Apart from that, we can shop for new clothes in the city or do various activities to increase our influence in the nine districts of Santo Ileso:

* Discoveries: These events occur by chance while we explore the city. For example, we can hunt armored cars for extra cash in the air and advance our progress in the takeover.

Saints Row 4 - You Chose... Poorly - Trophy / Achievement Guide
Additional transactions: These repeatable side activities bring us money, experience points and rewards or switch new game mechanics: For example, we can be hired as a passenger to shoot the police cars in a robbery that follow us.


Visually, Saints Row probably doesn’t get anyone out of the socks. The game does not look bad thanks to chic lighting, but the graphic does not come close to current AAA titles, especially in the details, and the animations are also a bit wooden here and there. We could not discover technical problems in the presentation, but of course we can only judge how smoothly Saints Row runs when we hold the game in our hands.

The new home of the Saints

In order to further increase our influence in the city, we regularly have to go to our headquarters, an old church. Here we not only have access to our weapons, vehicles, cloakrooms and are allowed to talk to our friends, but also manage our criminal empire at the war table.

So we can acquire different properties in the city to build false companies for our business. With this we unlock new game elements: With Jimrob’s garage we can adjust our vehicles, but the arms trade The Big One unlocks the Mayhem mini game, in which we have to do as much damage as possible in the given time.

In order to loosen up the management, we can also adapt our friends or foot soldiers’ look at the headquarters. Should the Saints elevator elevator consist of full -body latex in the future? No problem. And we can also pie the church itself, for example by setting up statues or neon signs that we find as collective objects in Santo Ileso.

Be your own boss

Of course, this is not all of the adaptation options that the game delivers to us. As already mentioned, we can create our boss freely at will, from gender to physique, style to the voice. Even asymmetrical faces can be built. If we want to change our boss in the middle of the game, that’s not a problem either. With the style app of our in-game cell phone, we always choose from our stored presets and tune the look of our boss-even gender and skin color.

You can also read everything important about the adaptation options here :

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more on the subject

Saints Row has the crazy character I have ever seen


We can also customize our vehicles and weapons and change colors and patterns or use completely different skins. In the course of the game, we can then buy new adaptation options with Ingame currency and unlock upgrades by completing challenges.

Options and Accessibility

Saints Row provides a wide range of options for adapting the gaming experience. In this way, we can choose from several levels of difficulty, hide individual elements of the HUD, switch off the lifeline and set options for travel sickness, hearing and visual impairments and the button occupancy of the controller.

The Saints Row-Reboot is clearly different from its predecessors, and the focus on a younger audience should not convince every fan. But even if the game does not achieve the absurdity of the last parts, there is a lot of potential for turned action in the fights and chase, especially if there are even more funny weapons and skills such as the pineapple express. It is to be hoped that the story and especially the characters of Saints Row can lift out of the mass of action games.

Saints Row will be released on August 23, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.