Monsters of California: Ex-Blink-182 singer does a dick-joke on sci-fi cinema

Tom Delonge, who grew up in San Diego, is considered an icon of the pop-punk scene. Delonge became celebrity in the mid-1990s through his band Blink-182, which he planted with Mark Hoppus and Drummer-King Travis Barker in the heads of countless fans-over 50,000 million albums sold is a fairly clear announcement. Since its foundation, in 1992, the 46-year-old has also tried a variety of other things. On the one hand with the hard-punk band “Box Car Racer” and the multimedia project “Angels and Airwaves”. On the other hand, with everything that is left out of music. These include comics and animated films (“Poet Anderson”), various books with bestselling authors and – one of its greatest passions – UFO research, LOL.

This hit several waves in the USA several times. Behind the big “Ufo-Leak” in early 2021, about which the New York Times also reported, was Tom Delonge and his founded company “To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences”. Now filmmaking is one of the many more and less wacky “hobbies” of the musician.

Now there is the first trailer to see the film that cannot hide his low budget – especially with the effects – but still cuts a very good figure. If the film is only half as entertaining and funny as the person behind it, it could be a rather fun low-budget trip into the supernatural. The obvious influences, various Steven-Spielberg films and J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8”, cannot be pointed out by hand, paired with the rough humor – typical of blink -182 – that could be entertaining.

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