Gigantic Minecraft

There are many impressive Minecraft structures. But only a few are exceptional. So also the futuristic mega city of Nova Celes, who created ambitious fans for the survival game. You can even live out your cyberpunk dream yourself with this free world.

cyberpunk city for Minecraft

Again and again the players of Minecraft inspire with futuristic buildings that would fit perfectly into a cyberpunk world.

While some builders are building individual areas or buildings, such as this in neon light slum district, the construction collective Quantics Build now surprises with an entire city in cyberpunk style (source: Minecraft).

This city is called Nova Celes and has a lot to offer. The team behind it-some of which are even architects in real life-has been sitting on the sci-fi city for six months **. Films such as Blade Runner served as a model. Nova Celes would certainly have worked well in Cyberpunk 2077.

The circular metropolis consists of different districts , all of which have different properties. For example, there is a video game quarter, a red light quarter and a rich financial center for the wealthiest in the city.

The detailed work has just as much love and time has been invested : Each area has its own colors, shapes and lighting. In addition, Minecraft splints as air conditioning and trap doors as ventilation still miss the extra touch of realism as ventilation.

A special feature of this Minecraft artwork are the more than 300 buildings that have received a interior and furniture .

you can download the world for free

Not only can Nova Celes be admired, you can even play in the mega-city yourself. Because Quantics Build provides the world for free download .

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On Planet Minecraft you can see more details about Nova Celes and get to know the eight different quarters better. On the website you will also find further instructions on how to download the card and find the cyberpunk city in it.

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