LOL – MSI 2022: Flakked perfect play taking advantage of the most interesting interaction of the game

No one in the League of Legends community trusted the signings of G2 eSports at the beginning of the season. However, the Samurai club has managed to conquer the European competition and disputes a MSI 2022 where it will come undefeated to the second phase. The team did not suffer too much during the games thanks to the combination of Caps and Jankos . However, when things were truly complicated, the figure of Flakked emerged in the invoker’s crack to sign a play of true scandal.

A great flakked quality flash

The situation took place in the last confrontation between G2 eSports and evil geniuses corresponding to the MSI groups. It was the most suffered in the entire first phase for the team, which was daring in a few plays. Just after one of them the Americans wanted to get the offensive, looking for a hunted on Broken Blade in an area very close to what the Spanish shooter occupied. They took his partner in front of him and put things very difficult, but he was able to take it with an intelligent movement **.

Despite having succeeded all the skills except for a mystical shot, the shooter had it very difficult to solve numerical inferiority against Leone and Tristana. His rivals were well positioned in the game and Flakked had spent his mobility skills. However, when they pounce on him to finish it once and for all, uses one of the most interesting interactions of League of Legends . At the moment in which rival support enters the rank of launching the stun, he begins to channel the final so as not to lose a tenth of a second in the play.

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The trick of this interaction is that, if a channel cannot be interrupted, For practical purposes the champion is invulnerable to any rival control effect . The CC is activated once we have finished throwing the spell and that is why he uses cleaning, but in this way he can launch a great burst of damage that ends with the almost 800 life points that Tristana had. A movement that we can quickly realize that he feels proud, since he is accompanied by a couple of dance with his character.

Even sector personalities criticized Flakked at the beginning of the season. However, the shooter has managed to position himself as one of the best in Europe since the moment G2 Esports changed his game style and improved the communication problems confirmed by the Spanish. It is true that Caps and Jankos are still the most prominent, but the second -line players of the Samurai club are the ones that allow the current streak of 20 maps won consecutively .